Here?s To The Lazy Ones

  • Posted: 08 June 2011 12:04 AM

    I saw Bosco’s post earlier this morning and didn’t care much for it.  It appears to have been removed but my recollection is that he was accusing Apple of stealing the ideas of the Android platform.  All I wanted to say was shame on you!  We all know what cell phones worked (and looked) like before the iPhone came out.  We all know what they work (and look) like today.  I don’t have any bone to pick with Sergey and Brin.  Their innovation and creativity is there for all to see.  “Dr.” Schmidt on the other hand is a shameless thief and more than deserves this.

    Here’s to the lazy ones.  The copycats.  They wannabes.  The oatmeal in the round bowl.
    The ones who pilfer things continuously.  They’re not fond of ethics.  And they have no respect for the property of others.  You can chide them, humiliate them, sissify or criticize them.
    About the only thing you can’t do is respect them.  Because they steal things.  They copy.  They clone.  They mimeograph.  They forge.  They degrade.  They cheapen.  They make the human race look small.

    Maybe they have to be lazy.
    How else can you stare at yourself in the mirror and still sleep at night.  Or pretend that changing the trash can to ‘waste’ makes all the difference.  Or contend that something is “open” when it’s anything but.

    They make purgatory for these kind of people.
    While some may see them as opportunist, we see mediocrity.  Because the people who are lazy enough to think that no one will notice, are living in their own empty world. 

    I wasn’t here today so I have no idea what took place.  If the mods feel that this needs to be removed then so be it but…,I’m sick to death of seeing Apples work and contributions show up in every body else’s products.  Rant mode off.


    I don’t mind being wrong…,I just hate being wrong so FAST!