Will Apple buy Twitter?

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    This topic has been discussed again on Dan Benjamin’s 5by5 podcasts, this time on the ‘Hypercritical’ talk show with John Siracusa.

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    Dave Winer’s take:


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    rob_london - 12 June 2011 06:33 PM

    Dave Winer’s take:

    Should Apple do it? Why not. They have a huge pile of cash that keeps getting bigger…the money they’d spend to buy Twitter wouldn’t make much difference to them…They could probably swing the deal for $10 billion. A bargain.

    It’s always amusing to see people who think $billions is chump change…almost always when it’s not their own money. This is the first reason he gives for why Apple should buy Twitter: because they have the money. This is not a good reason.

    And if they do it right, it translates into leverage for them in a new media market, news, and that could end up being hugely profitable…it’s inevitable that Twitter will turn the screws on the news business, and Apple loves to get into position where they own the mortgage on a media industry. Look at how well they’ve been doing with music, and the inroads they’ve made into movies and television. Now they have entre into news.

    The news business “hugely profitable”?  :bugeyed: Apple makes a profit selling music, but it’s not why they got into the digital music sales biz. They did it to sell iPods. Same goes for video, e-books & news media. They’ll make a little money selling the content and tons of money selling iOS devices.

    So if Apple bought Twitter that would bring them solidly into the world of easy user networking. It would be worth doing if only for that.

    I don’t understand the profit potential of social networking, so someone else can affirm or rebut this claim.

    ...Apple needs to be more like Twitter more than Twitter needs to be like Apple.

    What the…?

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    Nice deconstruction, Drew. Agree 100%.