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    Posted: 22 June 2011 03:01 AM

    I want to stand up and say thanks for some folks tireless effort’s on behalf of a major stock investment I own. I have only been a silent partner for 3 years. MIa Culpa.

    The work, and effort that has been done on behalf of this board, and the entire investment community, has been herculean. Lately even more so.

    I am a man of beliefs. I invest based on my beliefs.

    There is no single stock, with the exception of NLY that I can believe in. I do options, and then only to lose, as I am inept at options. I pick a price point to go long or short , and the market kicks sand in my face, as I am a wimp. I have tried straddle’s, and even those kick sand in my face.

    I have come to the serious belief that weeklies fuck with me. Once upon a time when options were monthly, i made some big bucks, and i also lost some too. Mostly to the upside.

    This weekly shit drives me crazy, as I am a long term long. Almost all of it in common’s, no All of it in common’s.

    I have shares at 16, and 22, and 91, and 135, and 165, and 190, and 230, and 259, and 337 recently. I bought more at 313 recently. Which is 5 dollars less than I would have ever expected. I thought 318, would be our breakdown price. North or South.

    I based this on a P/E ratio of 15. I did not think, in my wildest imagination, that we would ever see this. I was wrong. We saw 14.78 as the low at just shy of 310 a share this week.

    Today, the shorts got handed their ass, and rightfully so. We are at a tipping point.

    Congrad’s to us, the believers. We are now a value stock! A future P/E of less than 11, and continued growth in excess of 75%

    Who the fu$k are these wall street boys doing driving our stock, and why.

    As a commons investor, with along term outlook, with no exposure to the wiles of the market, and no risk arbitrage for up/down side, what the hell is an investor to do?

    I long for the simple days of buying commons, and riding their coat tails.n I think the weekly shit is only good for JP Morgan at al, the MM’s

    I also think that for every other common i own. My hand is now in the MM and the weekly of whatever instrument i own. pffft. I do not accept this, yet the market keeps telling me I am wrong.

    If I cannot believe in AAPL at sub 15 P/E ratio, I am a stupid investor. Stupid is as Stupid does. At 15 minus cash, we are looking at sub 13 P/E in three weeks. Maybe in the 12’s, no most probably in the twelves as a TTM basis. And in three weeks or less we will be at sub 13.5 P/E, and forward of less 10 P/E, and these figures do NOT take AAPL cash positions in account!.

    I have lost all faith in all things wall street related. Crooks and thieves. The lot of them, hold a stock up, and hold it down.

    Fuck all of them. I know how to smell test a good stock, and AAPL is the best. Rarely does a stock outperform over a short period of 3-5 years. AAPL is now in the position, and with powder in the kegs, to do so for more than a decade.

    I will through out an analogy, based on the current film called “Knight and Day”, you are either with me or without me. Trust me, you are better of with me, vs without me.

    Any dollar spent today sub 325 will yield great returns! That is my mantra. And my mantra is rather inflexible, short a full on double dip, which then I would day, KATY, bar the doors.

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    Posted: 22 June 2011 04:23 AM #1

    Very strong post.  I feel u bud.

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    Posted: 22 June 2011 10:05 AM #2

    MacManus, I agree 100%. Cramer even pointed out last night that at this level AAPL would be trading at 3x cash by the end of the year. One thing to not lose track of is that AAPL is tied to the market, it can swim alone, but most of the time has the S&P not far behind.

    Congrats on the buy at 313. We discussed 318 last week, not believing it actually broke the 325/6 support level. Here we are again back at that level. Congrats again for having cash available to be a buyer at such a bargain price.


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    Posted: 22 June 2011 10:33 AM #3

    No matter what P/E or “Value” status Wall Street gives this stock, as DT has explained, even without growth, earnings will force this stock to greatly appreciate.  Each day Apple is putting .35 per share in the bank.


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    Posted: 22 June 2011 11:04 AM #4

    macglenn - 22 June 2011 01:33 PM

    No matter what P/E or “Value” status Wall Street gives this stock, as DT has explained, even without growth, earnings will force this stock to greatly appreciate….

    that’s it right there…