A Respectful Conversation Regarding The iPhone Nano

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    Posted: 18 July 2011 02:14 PM #61

    adamthompson3232 - 18 July 2011 03:32 PM
    adamthompson3232 - 18 July 2011 03:15 PM


    Apple to launch low-priced iPhone for $350, iPhone 4S/5 end of summer
    By: Jonathan S. Geller | Jul 18th, 2011

    And let me say that I am in favor of this strategy. Offering a new phone of some kind at a low price would be a big no-no to me. But this makes a lot of sense. Huge margins and nobody who has disposable income is going to opt for the two year old model rather than the new iPhone.

    This topic has been around since March or April. I’ve adjusted my opinion (i.e. changed my mind) a number of times. But at least in this thread (comment #3), I thought this was the most likely thing to happen. We’ll see if it does happen.

    Drew Bear - 27 June 2011 05:35 PM

    What makes most sense to me is to retain the 3GS as the low-price iPhone option. It isn’t that the Retina display is so much more expensive; it’s that it is a big differentiator.

    iPhone 5 from $649
    iPhone 4 from $499
    iPhone 3GS from $349
    iPod touch 5th gen. from $229