Needham Boosts Apple Estimates

  • Posted: 28 June 2011 02:53 PM

    Charlie Wolff has given us a clear look at the ?logic? used to forecast AAPL/Apple. Needham?s ?new? $25 fiscal 2011 EPS estimate was made by taking the average of fiscal Q1 and Q2 earnings and using that amount for fiscal Q3 and Q4 earnings. In other words, Needham is forecasting FLAT earnings for the remainder of the fiscal year.

    Gee, if all he thinks Apple is going to do is go flat for the remainder of the year, what did he think Apple was going to do before?  Idiot.


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    Posted: 28 June 2011 04:55 PM #1

    To rephrase, Charles W is saying that there will be no growth in the historically 2nd biggest quarter of the year.

    Keywords forgotten ?  China, OS 10.7, iPad, Cloud…