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    What in the wide, wide world of sports is wrong with Intuit (Quicken)? Yesterday they lost 1 million potential customers. And it’s only going to go up and up and up from there as anyone on the Mac is going to abandon them (if they haven’t already).

    1.)  The typical quickbooks customer runs it on a PC or in emulation on a Mac.
    2.)  Elements is a (cocoa?) re-write that could serve about 80-90% of their current customers.

    I don’t get it. The Mac is on the rise. What are they thinking?

    Mobile! (says the proud father of a recently promoted Intuit product manager)

    Bill, I have tremendous respect for you and I wish your child(ren) all the success in the world but…

    I’ve given this post a lot of thought and that’s all I’m going to say. For me, the subject is closed.

    Hey…, feel free to fire away.  (I know I have)  I think they missed the Mac bus.  I think they think so too but I’ll make it very clear that I don’t have any personal knowledge of what the powers that be really think.  My daughters in Mobile.  Do consider this though, Apple isn’t the only company capable of skating to where the puck is going to be.  As a Minnesotan and former hockey player I know just how slippery that little sucker can be!  :-D


    I don’t mind being wrong…,I just hate being wrong so FAST!

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    At least one balanced view about Lion from Jesus Diaz

    You think so?

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    I upgraded my little MBA and then used “Share Screen” to start the download and upgrade my other two Macs. All went very well except for one thing so far. I don’t seem to be able to connect via “Share Screen” any more. I’ll have to have a look on Apple’s Support Forums.

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    I listen to a lot of podcasts, usually while driving. The non-Apple media guys (TWIT, PCWorld, ThisIsMyNext, Reporter’s Roundtable, Engadget) doesn’t see to get Lion.  They think Apple had a lot of Hutzpah, tying to get people to learn all new gestures on an operating system.

    They seem to be missing the direction that Apple’s customers are coming from. I think Apple realizes that most of their Mac customers have never owned a Mac before but they have owned an iPhone or an iPad before. For them, the Snow Leopard interface is the one that is strange and foreign and the Lion interface will be the one they are already familiar with.

    There are other, perhaps more important, reasons why Apple is making the changes that they have with Lion. But it amazes me how the pundits are tripping over this initial change in the way of the world.

    They think top down: Computers, netbooks phones. But people are buying phones first (sometimes at an incredibly early age) and then moving to tablets, not computers, while finally resorting to notebooks and desktops but only if they need the additional power. The flow of computing has reversed. People start at the bottom only getting what they need. For many, a phone is all they ever need. Others need to move up to a tablet. The traditional computer will become niche product, like the Mac Pro is today. (Still important, but niche.)

    The expression “sea change” has never been more apt. The flow of purchasing has been reversed. And most people in the industry don’t even see to realize it.