Does the back of the iPad scratch easy?

  • Posted: 16 August 2011 12:13 AM

    Does the back of the iPad scratch easy?
    Ok, I have a nice ?50 leather case for my iPad for when im carrying it around school but it makes my iPad more chunkier and heavier. I take my iPad out of the case when I’m at home on the sofa because I know it’s unlikely I’ll scratch it, however I was wondering how easy the back of the iPad scratches if I was to get it out of the case more often like around school and such…

    And I’m not interested in buying a see through case.

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  • Posted: 07 May 2012 09:51 AM #1

    To be honest, a scratched ipod is expected. The worst of the lot was the ipad nano, which begas scratching up really bad within days of buying it.

    These days I sort of expect it I believe, a scratched up back adds to the character of the device. I know that at first when you’ve just spend $500+ on an ipad and within days of buying it you start to notice marks on it and feel annoyed. But these days I expect it from the get go.

    I never liked having to pad up my iPad with thick cases and padding which destroys the look of the device. IMO.