Dragon dictate for mac   lots of questions

  • Posted: 20 August 2011 11:17 AM

      I am disabled and got dragon dictate to help me.  I want to write screenplays and I am getting used to dragon dictate still (I have had it 3 days).  It seems to be very slow sometimes.  I have 50 GB of space, so, I don’t think I have too much on the computer to bog it down.

    I am looking for a list of helpful apple scripts that I can use to make my life easier.  Has anyone use dragon dictate?  I am having a horrible time surfing the net.  It is clunky and freezes up all the time.  Not sure if that is me talking to fast or some other issue.

    Is there anyway to have all the commands that are in dictate for apple mail transferred to yahoo mail?  I have had it for 15 years and don’t want to switch.  I only have 1 email, ever. 

    Can anyone explain the different types of command codes and when they are used.  What is a text macro, or automatic, or a list of applescript commands i can move in.  what helpful ones have been created?  I have snow leopard 10.6.3.  what is a menu item (in terms of the dragon dictate)?  What is shell script or automator workflow? 

    Yes, I am old and don’t understand computers very well.  Any help u can offer me would be greatly appreciated.  This software has so much potential to help make my life easier, but, I just don’t understand it.  I am not dumb, just not computer savvy.  But. am willing to put the time in to learn.  The disability I have is physical, not mental. 

    thanx again for reading this and any help u can offer me.

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    Posted: 20 August 2011 09:08 PM #1

    Hi Dan,

    A macro, automator workflow and applescript are all variations on a theme (commands).  Macro is the general purpose word.  Automator workflows are used with the Automator program in the Apps folder.  Applescript is another language.  2 animals, different species.  It is rare for me to use Automator and Applescript.

    Two of my favorite macro programs are another species:  Keyboard Maestro and iKey.  I’ve used iKey in the past.  I currently use Keyboard Maestro version 4.

    What is your current Mac ?  How old is it ?

    50 gb is plenty of space.

    What is your current internet situation ?  Do you have DSL, cable, modem dialup ?

    Sometimes internet is slow due to advertising.  We can fix that.
    I suspect we will call in some online forum for assistance or go directly to Dragon Dictate or some portion of Apple Support.  It turns out that 20 years ago I worked next door to a department that is right in your alley.  So, assistance is not too far away.

  • Posted: 20 August 2011 10:42 PM #2

      Thank u for getting back to me.  Do u have any useful programs that would be good for me?  I don’t understand computers very well.  put it to u this way, my training in computers was the programming languages basic and cobalt.  Those were the 2 hot ones back then.  Yeah, I am old.
    The mac is about 3 years old.  It was 10.5.6.  But, in order to run dragon dictate, I had to purchase snow leopard.  Now, it is 10.6.3.  I have the standard DSL.  I think that is what it is called.  I have it thru the phone company.  I think I can download about 100 kbs/sec.  Is that enough info for u?  If not, then I can try to find out more. 

    Anything that u can do to help me make this better is fine by me.  I try to learn about my computer, best I can anyways.  It is hard b/c most of my friends are old and in the same boat. 

    I keep my computer up to date, as far as uploads and stuff.  The dragon dictate works decent when in dictation mode, but, I am having a very hard time doing anything else.  I can’t surf the net at all.  I can open safari, but, that is about it.  I will accept any help that u can offer me.


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    Posted: 20 August 2011 11:26 PM #3

    dancam1 - 21 August 2011 01:42 AM

    The mac is about 3 years old.  It was 10.5.6.  But, in order to run dragon dictate, I had to purchase snow leopard.  Now, it is 10.6.3.

    I have the standard DSL.  I think that is what it is called.  I have it thru the phone company.  I think I can download about 100 kbs/sec.  Is that enough info for u?  If not, then I can try to find out more.

    it would be helpful to know more about the exact model and memory size of your computer. From the top left corner ‘Apple’ menu there should be an About this Mac selection that tells you details about the computer.

    Tell us the processor and memory info.

    100k DSL is OK, but certainly not considered ‘fast’.

  • Posted: 20 August 2011 11:50 PM #4

    Hi there,
      Is this the info u wanted?  I pressed the apple icon and about this mac.  Here is what it said:
    processor   2GHz intel core 2 duo
    memory   2 GB   667 MHz DDR2 SDRAM.

    It is a macbook.  Let me know if u need anything else to help me.  Thank u for your time too.  I really hope that I can get the dragon dictate working.  Oh, one more thing, I am from buffalo, NY USA.  for some reason, a person thought I was from Canada, I am close, but, not quite.

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    Posted: 21 August 2011 12:30 AM #5

    Hi Dan,

    Tetrachloride here from 2nd account.

    Your DSL is adequate.  Mine is somewhat faster.

    MacBook is adequate for internet of course. Some adblocking methods will help a great deal there.  More on that in about 18 hours.  ( i am on a stay at home vacation )

    I am guessing that you ( and me for sure ) are new to Dragon Dictation.  So, we need a beginners guide and an experienced user to speak to.

  • Posted: 21 August 2011 12:47 AM #6

    I have had dragon dictate for 3 days now.  I actually read 2 help guides.  One, a friend found for me online and sent it to me as a Pdf.  The other, is in a spot u don’t think to look.

    there is a 200 page book (ok, 194 i think) in the dictate help section.  They put the manual there.  Most of it is pretty basic.  I hooked it up pretty fast and trained it.  However, there are some words it has issues with. 

    homonyms are a huge problem.  For ex,  It can’t tell the difference between miles and (friend) Miles.  Ben and been.  Break and brake.  shocking is wand and wind.  don’t ask me why.  even did the voice training,  it must be me.

    You really have to speak clearly.  I know I have a fan going and the fan makes it pick up words (him him him him etc) and causes havoc at times. 

    I can’t get the net surfing to work for me at all.  so, yeah, I’d be glad to help u with what I have learned and perhaps we can help each other.  Do we exchange emails on this site?  don’t want to break any rules. 

    I am glad I have enough memory.  I never really download a lot from the internet, save a few songs, and whether I spend 60 or 20 sec, not that big a deal to me.  is there a way to check how much current memory u have left?  Like i said, I don’t really understand my computer.  I probably utilize less then 10% of it. 

    Tho, being disabled helps,  I can only sit on it for short periods of time.  can’t learn a lot when u have trouble sitting up.  So, any help that u can offer would be awesome. 

    Oh, if u are wondering what I plan to do with DD, I am gonna start writing again.  I brought it to write screenplays with it.  I have already set it up with celtx.  this really annoyed me, I called for help, and they said it couldn’t be done, but, I did it with keystroke commands and it works like a charm now.  I understand how to write my own commands with keystrokes and a bit with files and stuff, but, like none of the safari commands seem to work, save open and close.

    oh, mousegrid is wonderful for moving the mouse around.  As is “move mouse” up down, left, right.  Or say “move mouse” (direction) X inches.  ex would be “move mouse down 3 inches.  don’t bother trying to find mousegrid in the list of available commands, it isn’t there.  I read it on a review site.  gotta love that….

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    Posted: 22 August 2011 01:43 AM #7

    Dragon Dictate really needs a clean voice input. The less background noise, the better. That means you want a high quality microphone, preferably one that has noise cancelation or noise rejection.

    _Some_ high quality headsets include a microphone with noise cancelation. Some USB connected headsets incorporate noise cancelation, some do not.

    One example of high quality microphone with inherent noise cancelation is a product called The Boom. There are several versions, but I think even the basic model has very good noise rejection.

    One simple test is to record your voice with your current microphone, then play it back at high volume. If you can hear background noises in the recording, then that noise will also affect Dragon’s accuracy and speed.

    With a good noise canceling microphone, almost all sounds _other than_ your voice are rejected and your voice alone is heard by the computer.

    I wish you luck and perseverance. It can take a lot of effort and trial to get this sort of thing working exactly the way you want it.

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    Posted: 25 August 2011 03:44 AM #8

    Dan , how is it going ?

  • Posted: 27 August 2011 02:22 PM #9

    I never got your message, sorry about that.  I am doing okay.  I am figuring out dragon dictate.  It is odd, but the shortcuts don’t work on my computer like they should.  The company is looking into it.  For ex, the keystroke command for create a new tab is a menu item.  It won’t work on my computer for some reason.  But, when I created my own version of creating a new tab with keystroke commands (new tab for me is command N) it worked fine.  I have no clue why it is that way, but, it is.

    Do u know if there are any applescripts that can help me out?  should I guy a book?  I know nothing about them.  Last programming I took was for basic and Pascale.  Yes, I am that old.  How complicated is it?  I saw a book applescript for dumies.  Is it worth buying?  It is like $7 on ebay.  Any help that anyone can offer me would be great.

    Let me know if there is anything u need to ask me for dragon dictate?  I am running a lot of it.  some things I never do.  It is kinda schizo sometimes tho.  It doesn’t always do what it is supposed to do and sometimes, it will pick out words that I just stare and say where the heck did u come up with that??

    talk to u later