The AFB AAPL Price Target Index Advisory (Topic Closed)

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    Posted: 28 August 2011 05:56 PM #46

    Shh - don’t tell AT about the no monetizing thing.  wink

    Let’s be honest with each other here, too.  How many of you will have your estimates done way before DT’s submission deadline?

    And there’s no veil of secrecy here either.  We’ve had and are still having tons of open discussion related to fiscal Q4 as we speak.  Myself and several others have been fighting over whether we’ll see more or less than 20 million iPhones (the mini-consensus is a sequential uptick, but how much more is under vigorous debate).  Whether Apple can make $9 EPS this quarter.  Whether Mac sales will be more like 4.1 million or 4.5 million units.  There hasn’t been as much talk about iPad, but you get the idea, and Oppenheimer’s very clear remarks about increasing production already have most of us thinking over 11 million as a baseline.  Plug Mac, iPhone and iPad in and you’re already halfway to your fiscal Q4 estimate, really.


    The Summer of AAPL is here.  Enjoy it (responsibly) while it lasts.
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    Thanks, Steve.

  • Posted: 28 August 2011 06:00 PM #47

    PurpleApple - 28 August 2011 08:47 PM

    In my view, AFB should primarily be about benefiting its members and their understanding of AAPL and Apple, not utilizing embargoes and other strategies to somehow differentiate ourselves from the WS analysts. Pissing contest should not be the focus. I would rather learn from and contribute to this forum in way that benefits all members and others interested in AAPL.

    I fear AFB is about to lose some of its intrinsic value in a bid to improve its brand on the Internet, which of course has no real value since we aren’t trying to monetize this in any way.

    There is no “brand.” We provide information for readers. There are no “strategies” to compete with Wall Street analysts. If this is the consensus of the group, all AFB-related indexes that I’ve organized are now cancelled. I’m locking this topic and moving on.

    Thank you to everyone who has participated in the indexes in the past. I have other things to do with my time.