The Race to the top.

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    Posted: 29 August 2011 06:32 PM

    Hi guys.

    Its late in Europe and here is a little goodnightstory to you all.

    Apologies for all language errors.

    Enjoy and sleep well wink

    The wife of climbforever.


    Once upon a time there was an annual race. The usual participants were all there in the startingfield. Microsoft, the champ, who had been one of the winners of this race for years was busy chatting with his team Samsung and HTC and a few others, confident that nothing would be different this year. Nokia - The Flying Finn was also there. Many from the audience were betting on him, since he had won so many victories overseas. There was however, this new guy Google, young and energetic, that Microsoft decided to keep an eye on. Apple was also participating this year - poor little Apple. Microsoft almost felt sorry for the poor guy for even trying to compete.

    Apple had a new fancy outfit - but hey, you can?t run a race in an outfit like that! Look at him, no buttons - no shoelaces! Just how does he think he is supposed to ajust his runninggear? His shoes will certainly fall off and that thin gear will never work in this terrain. There were also rumors about some magical running device Apple would show up with. Microsoft laughed out loud! He and many of his team members had tried using other gears with no or limited succes. Microsoft actually had to save Apples life some years ago in a previous race. Apple had been in such a poor shape that he couldn?t complete the race and collapsed. If Microsoft hadn?t given him CPR he wouldn?t have been here today. Apple hadn?t given up running though. After a comeback Apple was now using some stupid powerdrink that kept him running. He called it Kool-aid and it had a secret recipe. Even more annoying - he would not let anyone taste it -  what a jerk!

    Microsofts powerdrink was a watery drink that the audience were familiar with. Unfortunatly some idiots had used contaminated water when rinsing the bottles, and a lot of people got sick from drinking Microsofts powerdrink. Well, despite this mess, Microsoft had been succesfull convincing people that it wasn?t such a big deal, and after all - there was medication for it.

    Oh, I almost forgot RIMM. He was a great runner who had gotten increasingly popular with his own style and the dry tonic-like powerdrink he used to keep him running. The audience all agreed that he had a great chance of winning this year.

    Ready, set - GO! The race started but Microsoft had been so busy talking to his team and thinking about previous years that he forgot to prepare. Ups, here we go! “Don?t worry guys!” he yelled to the audience “I?ll catch up with them later!”. Apple had a surprisingly good headstart - leading the race from the start. Could it be that his new gear really was superior - Google thought. Apple did show some kind of compas down in the starting field. The other runners hadn?t been impressed since they thought it lacked some crucial features, except Google who had spent quite some time hanging out with Apple. He was quite impressed with Apples style. Google wasn?t so much into style himself. He had bought his outfit from someone. It wasn?t even finished yet - a bit of a mess actually - but it was good enough, he thought! Google had a lot of things going for him, but he had a hard time focusing. He had managed to produce a powerdrink that he wanted everyone to use.The recipe was no secret and anyone could change both the color and the taste. 

    All of a sudden Apple surprised everyone by making an unexpected turn, running a whole new direction! Hey, was he out of his mind? He?ll get lost! This is new unknown terrain! Microsoft shook his head. He had tried some new tracks some time ago, but they didn?t work. Only the wellknown tracks worked - everyone should know that by now.

    The audience seemed to disagree. They saw the smart shortcut and they were jumping and cheering. Now the rest of the participants started to worry. Maybe Apple was really the one on the right track. He seemed so sure of himself and so focused. His gear and compass being highly suitiable for the purpose.

    Google decided to follow Apple. His runninggear wasn?t nearly as good as Apples carefully streamlined one. But good enough, he thought confidently and besides - he could always borrow some from his new buddies. He had quickly teamed up with Samsung and HTC who were getting impatient with Microsoft who hadn?t yet left the startingfield. Google let them taste his powerdrink and promised they could have as much as they wanted - for free. When Google told them they were free to change the color and taste to their liking, they quickly decided to stay with Google.

    Was Microsoft worried? You bet! He desperatly decided to team up with Nokia - the once so great athlete who now was going nowhere. “Don?t worry, Nokia and I will run twice as fast as the rest once we hook up!” he told the sceptical audience. RIMM ran the track he knew from last year, only this time he didn?t seem to do so well. The audience didn?t respond like they used to - all eyes were on Apple. This made him nervous. He missed a step, his bulky gear seemed to be slowing him down and soon the audience stopped paying any attention to him. They were busy cheering for Apple.

    HP had been left behind after he had had some problems getting his new gear on. He had, for the first time since he joined the race, decided not to drink Microsofts wellknown, but watery powerdrink. He had persuaded a guy, who was in bad fiancial shape to sell him his powerdrink and his runninggear. It was quite decent. The guys gear was also quite impressive - a little like the one Apple was wearing.

    ...continued next post…..

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    Posted: 29 August 2011 06:35 PM #1

    ...The race to the top - part 2….

    This all seemed to turn into one hell of a race - when suddenly HP slowed down his pace and told the audience that he was quitting. What a shock! With his excellent runninggear that seemed so promising, why on earth did he decide to quit now? “Listen guys” he told Samsung and HTC, “its not about the gear and what we drink. It?s about the map. Can?t you see? Apple drew his map many, many years ago after carefully studying this terrain with total scrutiny. That?s why he got the headstart and found that clever shortcut. His gear is optimized for the conditions of this terrain and the audience see that. We have been running down wellknown tracks for years now, listening to why new gear and new tracks wont work! ” I tell you: “Not having a damned good map is what does not work!”

    Samsung who had a complete copy of Apples gear, and had gotten into a lot of trouble trying to explain where he got it from, was now hyperventilating. But Google did have a map, didn?t he? Well, Google turned out to have a lot of different maps. As it was growing darker by the minut it was harder to see the tracks and Googles maps. HP had packed down his runninggear in his bag and gone home. Samsung and HTC had both been relying on Google to find their way, when they realized that Google had secretly gotten a new runningbuddy named Motorola. He seemed to have some great stuff and maybe the map Google needed. Google assured them that they could all run together - but only Motorola got to hold the map. Samsung and HTC got a creepy feeling that they were on their own, and started blaming everyone but themselves for their misfortune. What a mess!

    RIMM was on the wrong track, Microsoft was far away - still trying to figure out how to run together with his faltering Finnish athlete without tripping over each other. Maybe it was time to check if HP had his new gear for sale?
    And Apple? Apple was doing just fine - running into the sunset - in his streamlined runninggear holding on to his map. The magic map that glew like a star at night and assured him that he was spot on track and would not get lost. He took another sip of the Kool-Aid and smiled!

    Goodnight and sleep well wink