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  • Posted: 11 September 2011 10:22 AM

    I am looking for software to enable me to draw FLOOR PLANS of houses/bungalows on Snow Leopard.
    Most of those on Google are written for Windows but there must be some Mac ones out there.
    I am not looking for anything complex, just something that performs this function only and not software that could be used for this purpose as a spin-off to its main function, and will therefore be dearer.

    There must be a Mac user who uses such software somewhere out there!

    Any suggestions?

  • Posted: 13 September 2011 01:22 AM #1

    Hi Peter,

    Have you checked out Google SketchUp? 


    I heard about this a few weeks ago and it really looked interesting.

    Perhaps this will do what you are looking for. Let us know.

    Hope all is well with you.


  • Posted: 13 September 2011 05:35 AM #2

    Hello Charlotte

    Thanks for your reply and I have investigated Sketch Up. It covers more than I need at the moment and therefore is more expensive, but thanks for the suggestion.

    However, I was just about to ask if anyone had used/seen a program called “QCAD” by Ribbon Soft which would seem to be more what I am looking for at a reasonable price.
    Has anyone any thoughts on this?

    By the way, I see that there a a good many suitable progs out there and some cost hundreds of dollars! They would add a lot to my planning of my “Dream” home, I think.


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    Posted: 16 September 2011 03:51 PM #3

    Have a look at “Live Inerior 3D” - Standard Edition form belightsoft.com

    It is not expensive ($50) and may suit your needs and can easily be downloaded to your computer from the Apple “App Store”.


  • Posted: 20 September 2011 04:28 AM #4

    Many thanks, DavidH.
    Yes, I have seen this software but it is interior design only and seems very good for that particular job.
    However, I am looking for software to plan the actual floorplan of small domestic buildings, of which there are so many available for Windows systems particularly in the USA.

    Mine must be Mac software and please don’t anyone tell me to use Windows on my Mac…..NO THANKS!

    A very good Mac prog is QCAD which is a comprehensive 2D software but this does not have the pre-prepared features which true FLOORPLAN software has, such as a representation of windows, showers, toilets, etc., all of which are necessary to make a set of shapes come to life as a “real” plan of a house.

    I still believe there MUST be something out there for Mac along these lines, particularly in the USA. Here in the UK the Mac is not too widely used, they don’t know what they are missing!

    I hope someone can help.

  • Posted: 31 October 2011 12:33 AM #5

    Try http://www.eazydraw.com/ and

  • Posted: 01 November 2011 11:22 AM #6

    Many thanks Tonyw50.
    I have examined Omnigraffle before but although it is an excellent CAD prog, it is not in any way geared up to Floor Plan production without a lot of work to produce a useable prog.

    However, “EasyDraw” certainly is, and this is the one I shall explore closely. I always knew there just must be one out there which was a Mac Floorplan prog and you have been very helpful in finding it for me.

    Thank you again

  • Posted: 03 November 2011 04:57 AM #7

    Glad to be of help, Peter.  I came across the cited software when I was doing my own search for a simple floor plan program.  Although I do have a MacBook, my own preference is for this iPad program:  http://www.floorplansapp.com. It’s a little pricey for an iPad app but it suits me better.