Xserve: Apple's Revenue Sleeper?

  • Posted: 29 November 2002 09:26 PM

    Here’s an interesting NewsFactor story on Apple’s Xserve.

    It appears Apple’s server product is finding interest among hi-tech buyers. Is the Xserve Apple’s revenue sleeper? Will the Xserve open new doors in the enterprise market for OS X and other Apple hardware products?

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    Posted: 29 November 2002 10:26 PM #1

    Absolutely.  It’s going to take time for it to happen, but the Xserve is going to end up being huge for Apple.  The biggest thing needed is simply more advanced server software offerings, particularly products that have been optomized for Mac OS X Server.

    Another very important thing, as the article touches on, is the price of OS X Server, and the support options Apple is offering.  Those are huge advantages for the platform compared to Windows. 

    Lastly, stability, uptime, and quality will all figure in, but that will take time, statistics, and word of mouth.

    All of these things, IMNHO, are even more important to this market than faster hardware.


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