When will Apple hit $500/share

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    Posted: 26 September 2011 08:48 AM

    I posted an analysis of Apple’s value as a function of cash on my site.

    This is a follow-up to a previous article on the same topic from May 1st.

    It seems not much has changed. It would seem that Apple as an investment is quite predictable, which would follow from the consensus that exists about its opportunities.



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  • Posted: 26 September 2011 09:44 AM #1

    From the most recent conference call transcript:

    Turning to cash. Our cash for short-term and long-term marketable securities totaled $76.2 billion at the end of the June quarter compared to $65.8 billion at the end of the March quarter, a sequential increase of $10.4 billion. Cash flow from operations was $11.1 billion, an increase of 131% year-over-year.

    So, around the end of the year would be the approximate answer.

    Thanks Horace.