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  • Posted: 27 September 2011 11:21 PM

    Peter O (Q3 call): iPhone was available through 228 carriers in 105 countries, compared to 186 carriers in 90 countries as of the end of the March quarter.

    I was away for last earning’s call, and may have missed a relevant thread,  but where did the new 42 new carriers in 15 countries come from? I don’t recall seeing any news related to new carriers and countries and the number was huge! During the previous call we did learn about 3 specific carriers in Saudi Telecom, SK Telecom in Korean, and of course Verizon. I assume the new carriers were small and therefore not worth explicit mention, but how did they get under the radar as a group? Did I just miss a lot of news? I can’t find a listing which carriers are ‘new’, only the complete listing.

    Listing of carriers -

    I would think that for a new carrier, even if small, getting the iPhone is news that should be pretty easy to spot due to a press release and advertising at that carrier.

    Question 1
    - how did I (was it just me?) miss all the new carriers? This really doesn’t make sense to me. We never miss a new Apple store, how do we miss a new carrier?

    Question 2 - are we missing new carriers this quarter?

    Question 3 - is there a way to determine all the carriers the iPhone still has on the “future list” ? What % of the addressable market is iPhone not even available to currently? How are these missing carriers affecting market share numbers?

    Question 4 - How does the sum total of ALL the missing carriers compare to China Mobile?

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  • Posted: 28 September 2011 09:39 AM #1

    Thanks Adam!

    Those subscriber numbers vs. Blackberry are very telling. I think many underestimate the Apple growth story because they don’t take into account the addressable market facts. The masses converting from feature phones to smartphones, the stickiness of the iPhone leading to a great number of upgraders with each release, and the still expanding carrier story means iPhone numbers will continue to surprise for the foreseeable future.