How long before SIRI comes to iPad?

  • Posted: 08 October 2011 04:08 PM #31

    While Siri will be available only on the iPhone 4S, at first, Cross argues it will be made useful across Apple?s product lines, starting, potentially, with the net iPad. ?We believe an enhanced directional microphone may be required which could be included in the iPad 3 launch that we expect in spring 2012,? Cross writes.

    Emphasis added.

  • Posted: 08 October 2011 04:17 PM #32

    Apple?s Siri: Better Suited for the iPad?

    (Siri) may forever change how we interact with our phones, but would it play better on Apple’s other offering, the iPad?

    ... this is a key reason why Siri may be better suited to another Apple device: the iPad.

    While the phone is much more of a consumer device, people approach iPads for business, education, and productivity purposes. Given that Siri can read messages aloud and interact with its user, the technology, when paired with iPad, has incredible potential for education.

    I read the article three times and I could find no justification for the statement that Siri might be better suited for the iPad. Well suited for the iPad, yes. Better suited? No.