Are You Buying an iPhone 4S?

Poll: Are You Buying an iPhone 4S?
Total Votes: 69
Yes! I’m upgrading from an iPhone 4
Yes! I’m upgrading from an iPhone 3GS
Yes! I’m upgrading from an iPhone or iPhone 3
I’m waiting for the iPhone 5
I want to upgrade, but can’t afford to
No way! I expected more
Meh. I’ll stick with the phone I already have
  • Posted: 05 October 2011 08:05 PM #16

    Where is the option to vote:
    Yes, I’m buying a new 4S (without upgrading from a previous iPhone)?
    That’s what I’m planning to do.

    I’ll wait to demo the 4S and to hear about how well iCloud syncing of Address Book & iCal info and changes actually works.
    Also, I want to understand the dual phone chip capability.
    But will probably buy.

    How much “storage” size do people recommend.
    I’ll probably have moderate amount of Apps, and medium amount of music, videos, etc.

  • Posted: 05 October 2011 09:09 PM #17

    Probably will not upgrade from iPhone 4.  This upgrade feels a little bit like the iPad to iPad 2 situation. The equipment is better but if you have no real need for the changes (like the camera), it is easy to skip and wait for the next update. Probably keep my cash to upgrade my original iPad next year.

  • Posted: 06 October 2011 08:10 AM #18

    craigf - 05 October 2011 03:01 PM

    I can’t vote because there’s no button for people who are upgrading from a non-iPhone.

    Me too.  I can FINALY get an iPhone because it’s Sprint.  I’ve got this ancient 10 year old thing.