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    Posted: 10 October 2011 02:52 PM


    I work primarily for a laser optics company called II-VI Infrared, part of II-VI Incorporated. On November 4, we’re having our annual shareholder’s meeting at our corp HQ. As part of the event, our numerous business units set up tables showing off our products and services. For II-VI Infrared, that means showing off our laser optics. But this year, we want to kick up our presentation by actually showing our optics manipulating a laser beam.

    In the real world, our optics are used with CO2 lasers in the thousands of watts, for cutting and welding metals and other industrial uses. (Here’s a CGI demo of what our optics do, created on a Mac by yours truly using Cinema 4D: For the shareholder meeting display, we’ll be using a laser diode in a much safer power range.

    To actually see the beam, we’ll need some kind of smoke or fog (think rock concerts). Does anyone here at TMO have a recommendation for a smoke or fog machine? Anyone here actually use one of these things before? I’d appreciate any advise. Thanks!


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