Rumors & Stories on Apple: -> 80% Turn Out to be Lies or Wrong

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    Posted: 12 October 2011 09:18 AM


    First he holds the so called “analysts” feet to the fire, to show how corrupt and abysmally uninformed they are about FORECASTING financials….

    ... now he is holding the APPPLE SITES to task for the same abysmal forecasting of future apple products or implementations.

    Apparently, ALL THE “PROS” are worthless, worse than worthless, as they spread FEAR, DISINFORMATION, DOUBT, and ERRORS.

    Man, where are the good guys anymore?

    Thanks PED, one more GREAT JOB!!

    since July 24, 78% were bogus

    By Philip Elmer-DeWitt October 11, 2011: 4:11 PM ET

    Between them, the “Big Three” sites responsible for most rumors got only 7 right

    Source: Stupid Apple Rumors

    If you’ve ever wondered how much of what you read in the tech blogs is true, Shawn King’s Stupid Apple Rumors site has done you—and the entire profession—a favor.

    Starting on July 24 and for the next two and a half months, the site kept track of every story about Apple’s (AAPL) new iPhone posted on 130 different websites.

    The first thing King discovered will come as no surprise to anyone who reads Techmeme: Most of what passes for tech reporting is simply a matter of echoing rumors other sites have started. He calls this “coattail riding,” and singles out the three worst offenders: iClarified (41 iPhone rumors, none of them original), Applebitch (38) and Ars Technica (28).

    His second discovery is that most of these rumors turned out to be bogus. Of the 74 rumors the site identified, 58 were false, 16 true.

    The third discovery is that most of the iPhone stories could be traced to three sites with less-than-stellar track records:

      9to5Mac—23 original rumors, four of them true
      The Boy Genius Report (BGR)—14 original rumors, one of them true
      Appleinsider—Nine original rumors, two of them true

    The full list of 78 rumors is posted, with links to their sources and coattail riders, at the bottom of the Stupid Apple Rumors home page.



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    Posted: 12 October 2011 10:16 AM #1

    It is sort of ironic.  After being 80% wrong they then proceed to be disappointed that they really have no sources, and blame Apple for failing to live up to their hype.  The other thing is that real journalist from reputable publications, print the rumors reinforcing the falsehood and then consumers are mad at Apple for not delivering everything the rumor sites could create to drive clicks.

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    Posted: 12 October 2011 12:10 PM #2

    Gotta love PED…


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