Macs running terribly hot this evening

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    Posted: 13 October 2011 07:35 PM


    I use three Macs, two at my place of work (a 933MHz G4 tower running Tiger, and a new 15” MBPro running Snow Leopard), and a beloved 3.06GHz dual-core 24” iMac at home, also running Snow Leopard.

    Tonight, for whatever reason, the MBPro and iMac were suddenly hotter than any Macs I have used in my lifetime, and I’ve used Macs since 1988.

    I’d been using the MBPro at work until 5PM, then put it in my shoulder bag, left work, did some grocery shopping, and went home. At 6PM, I took it out of the shoulder bag, as I do every night. Nothing out of the ordinary. Yet the MBPro was blisteringly hot, and the fan sounded like a jet engine at take-off thrust. I’ve used the MBPro, and others like it, for heavy-duty Adobe CS work, and Cinema 4D 3D graphics and animation, for years, and no MBPro was ever so hot, nor emitting so much fan noise. I literally did a hard shut-down, and rebooted. It seems fine now.

    My iMac was the second hotter-than-hell Mac today. Yes, I keep it in an armoire fully up-and -running, and yes, thanks to a hard disk crash in July, I use an external LaCie FireWire 800 drive as my boot disk. But again, that’s nothing different from what I’ve done for months. Yet that iMac was also spinning its fan furiously, and hotter to the touch than ever. I’ve done Cinema 4D rendering on this machine in the past—over 24 hours worth continuously—and it was never as hot as it was tonight.

    I’m at a loss. I recently applied all of the software updates to the iMac, but not the MBPro. Yet both were hotter than ever, without any apparent reason, at the same time. Anyone have any ideas? I’m on the iMac now, and it is quieting down. But I can’t explain what caused either machine to get as hot as they did. Anyone else experience this today???


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