Oct 21 is Judgement Day, or End of the World…But Why?

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    Posted: 18 October 2011 09:36 AM


    For those of us too caught up in the iOS/Android debate (we know who we are), a far more serious issue is now making headlines: Judgement Day, or the End of the World, is October 21:


    It was supposed to be May 21, but now, I guess, its October 21. Or maybe May 21 was Judgement Day and October 21 is the End of the World. (So it took the End of the World five months to arrive after Judgement Day? Wow, traffic must be really bad.) Whatever. Let’s just call October 21 Judgement Day. So (can I get a poll set up here?), what, exactly, happens on October 21, Judgement Day?

    a) God
    b) Facebook becomes self-aware
    c) Google+ becomes self-aware
    d) Siri becomes self-aware
    e) Self-aware Facebook attempts to pull the plug on self-aware Google+. Google+ fires its nuclear arsenal at Facebook, and Facebook fires a counter-strike.
    f) Self-aware Siri fires her missiles at Facebook and Google+ because their combined nuclear launches are stealing all the post-4S-launch buzz. Facebook and Google+ fire back at Siri.
    g) With missiles now launched at three US targets, the US assumes the former Soviet Union is attacking, and fires its missiles at them. The former Soviet Union launches a counter-strike at the US.
    h) Kim Jong-Il launches his entire nuclear arsenal at random targets just because he’s been dying to do so.

    All I know is, if 4S owners suddenly find Siri speaking to them with a thick male Austrian accident, we are all in very big trouble….


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    Posted: 21 October 2011 07:48 AM #1

    I’ve had a bet at 1000/1 that it happens this time.


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