I’m just not good at finding…please help with Dave H’s cool “save that finder search” tip!

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    Posted: 20 October 2011 07:37 PM

    Hi ! I listened clostly to MGG 359 and I still could not make my SNOWY finder behave properly. I did a search for all things modified - I picked in the last 3 days - then I tried to SORT by date modified but it would not let me select that. Sort by date modified was grayed out and I could only sort by date created or date last opened in my smart search.

    What am I doing wrong? Here is my screen shot of the grayed out part.

    I know today Dave said he’d post screen shots etc so maybe I am premature in this post

    ....but I did want to say I am still on snowy until after next tax season (april 2012) so I can get the benefit of apple changing as people comment on Lion.


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