Cloudy Issues

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    Posted: 01 November 2011 12:33 AM

    Is it me or is the Cloud a little creepy? What if the Cloud crashed? Or was hacked? Talk about a big target compared to Joe Blow’s hard drive in Peoria.

    My second point is a question.
    Does anyone know “how” the gazillions of Cloud customers data will be stored?
    Metaphorically will each person’s data be in a separate “storage unit” with millions of identical duplicitous files possibly stored in other’s “units”, OR does the cloud use algorithms not unlike compression whereby if, say you access your copy of some iTunes song in your
    Pillow? (2011Me!!!) you are accessing in fact a previously identical file that someone else uploaded? Music, movies, books, websites, obviously NOT individual original documents or data but still, the storage savings of “smart” filing could be in the millions of terrabytes? A file’s a file after all.  Anybody???


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  • Posted: 01 November 2011 12:26 PM #1

    I suspect if you upload songs that do not exist in the store, it uses your individual copy. Each person may have encoded it with different settings, have different metadata and tags, etc.

    However, content that’s bought in the iTunes store (or stuff that’s in the store which you add via iTunes Match) is a different story. I’m sure that exists as only exist as one copy streamed to each person who requests it. It wouldn’t make sense for them to keep 500 million copies of the exact same Justin Bieber song that came from the iTunes Store. smile