Random disappearing mouse pointer Mac mini after Lion 10.7.1

  • Posted: 06 November 2011 08:23 AM

    I have a frustrating problem that’s happening on my wife’s mid 2010 Mac Mini. Ever since the Lion update 10.7.1 the Magic Mouse pointer randomly disappears. It’s seems to be a common unresolved problem from what I have read in the Apple discussion forums. I’ve tried both wired and blue tooth mice and see the same behavior. I did a clean install after erasing the hard drive and used migration assistant to load back the settings and applications etc. For about 36 hours, no problems ... then it happened again today. I logged out and back in which was a bit awkward trying to move to the menu blindly, but after logging out the cursor re appeared and I was able to get back to normal mouse behavior until the next time. I’ve not yet reset the PRAM. I’ve looked at the log, and can’t see any reference to mouse errors.

  • Posted: 07 November 2011 01:14 PM #1

    Update Nov 7:
    Mouse pointer seems to be behaving normally for past few days after I made a minor change by stopping the program CleanMyMac from automatically running. I’m not sure if this was the culprit in the MacMini .... I’ll report back if things revert to the disappearing mouse pointer behaviour.

  • Posted: 15 November 2011 07:53 AM #2

    The behavior returned twice since last post. Only change since these two incidents has been to remove the program Perian.

  • Posted: 18 November 2011 06:41 AM #3

    No further occurrences, so it has self corrected. I installed hardware growl, but no issues as yet. Mouse pointer has been behaving