Xclaim VR (Rage Pro, 8 MB) future sale

  • Posted: 16 August 2001 08:57 PM

    I’m not quite ready to sell my Xclaim VR PCI card, but I’d like to get an idea what people would be willing to offer for it.  Although it’s in perfect shape, and works perfectly when using an operating system prior to OS X, the card can cause kernel panics in OS X when there are three IDE devices in a beige G3—hence my interest in selling the card.  (After a few e-mail exchanges with ATI, it appears that they won’t be able to fix this problem.  However, if you have only two IDE devices, or a machine newer than a beige G3, the card should work nicely in OS X, although it should be noted that OS X does not support analog video input.)  The card comes with everything (box, cables, software, manuals), and there’s the possibilty of an optional 4 MB VRAM module which fits into the card (bringing the total VRAM to 8 MB), which I might want to keep, so as to insert it directly into the VRAM expansion slot of my G3’s motherboard (bringing the motherboard’s VRAM to a whopping 6 MB!).  One more thing—I’ve received conflicting reports about ATI’s willingness to support 2-D- and 3-D Rage Pro acceleration in OS X.  If you’re running anything prior to OS X, though, this card works very nicely, and to full capacity.

    Thanks for letting me know.  Please remember that this item is not yet for sale.

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