Launchpad Icons Reshuffle After Restart

  • Posted: 21 November 2011 04:03 PM

    After each restart, when I bring up Launchpad, I find that I have to look around to find where the icon for each my apps ends up. It’s sort of like a game. Instead of “Where’s Waldo?,” it’s “Where’s Safari?” Now, I am patient and I like things that are fun, but.. it would be nice if the icons stayed where they are supposed to be after a restart. How can I get them to stay in the same position?

    I was thinking that maybe they get set up in the order that Lion sees them during the startup process, which may not necessarily be in alphabetical order. Maybe this is why the problem seems to be the worst on the first page, where most of Apple’s own application icons reside.

    I have noticed the time it takes for Lion to start up does vary. I suspect it boots everything very quick when it can find things quickly. But if it can’t find something, then there is a delay. The last time I restarted, it took longer than usual. The desktop photo on the second space ended up being the Andromeda Galaxy picture. Makes sense it would take longer if it had trouble locating the picture I had selected for that space (it’s in iPhoto). When it couldn’t find it quickly, it gave up and put the default Galazy picture there. Maybe Launchpad is having this kind of issue. The OS on restart can’t find something fast enough to put it in it’s correct positon in Launchpad, so it moves on and puts it in when if finds it. Maybe fast starting trumps the plist file that controls how the icons are to be ordered, that the user created. I don’t know.

    I did download and am using Andreas Ganske’s Launchpad Control preference pane app (v.1.3) in the hopes that that would stop the weird reshuffling of the icons. Ah, but it did not. But is does do a great job of giving me control over what apps I want to appear in Launchpad, cleaning it up very nicely. Yes.. I don’t have to see all those uninstall app icons anymore. Very nice.

    Anyway, If you think my ideas on what could be causing the reshuffling of Launchpad icons is “wonky,” please let me know. I do want to know.

    If you have an idea on how to stop the “Where’s Mail?” fun of my Launchpad experience, please let me know.

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  • Posted: 29 November 2011 08:40 PM #1


    I’ve shut down and restarted a couple of times since posting my question, and.. the icons in Launchpad are exactly where they were last, in the same places. They haven’t moved.


    So, this is a fix. Fantastic! Clearly, I have come across the solution to my problem. All I had to do was post the problem on a public forum, then sit back and wait. Wait for my Mac Mini, all giggly with mischievous intent, to make me look like a fool!

    It’s not exactly the procedure that I expected to use in solving this problem. I thought I would be doing something much more elegant like typing some complicated code into the terminal, but, hey, the icons are sticking, and if I have to wear forum egg on my face to make my Mac Mini happy, I’m willing to oblige.

    Have a great evening!


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    Posted: 29 November 2011 10:53 PM #2

    <cheer!> I’m glad it’s back to the way you wanted it.

    I’m old-school, or more accurately not new-school. I’ve tried Launchpad, and of course I use it on my iPad, but never really warmed to it. If I want to fire up an app, I hit Apple-spacebar, type in the first few letters and hit Return. Too many apps, too few pattern-matching brain-cells.

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