How Many Paid Apps are on Your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch?

Poll: How Many Paid Apps are on Your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch?
Total Votes: 19
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    Posted: 30 December 2011 10:53 AM

    Apple’s App Store is loaded with apps for your iOS device, some paid and some free. How many do you have on yours?

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    Posted: 30 December 2011 11:35 AM #1

    Jeff is there an easy way to check the numbers?

    Anyway, I am going to go out on a limb and say that most of the apps I have installed, and use,  are paid apps. I find that they generally work better and look better. There are exceptions of course.

    Outside of the count of either paid or free are the apps are the free ones I get from businesses such as my bank, and AT&T. I use them frequently.


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    Posted: 30 December 2011 12:40 PM #2

    You can quickly check how many apps you have in iTunes. How many are paid requires deeper inquiry. iTunes only lets the user sort by app and genre. Thankfully, the largest number on the poll is 50 - I beat that number by such a big margin that there is no point even trying to count.

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    Posted: 30 December 2011 12:57 PM #3

    I used the iTunes Expense Tracker to figure out how many paid apps I had:

    You just need to edit the preferences if your Apps are not stored in the default location. Then it will analyze and show you how much you spent. You can sort by the price column and then count your paid apps. It’s not technically the “installed” paid apps and I think the prices reflect current iTunes data (so if an app was paid when you bought it, but free now it will show as free), but it will give you a rough idea. You can export the data to a spreadsheet to make counting and sorting easier.

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    Posted: 30 December 2011 02:50 PM #4


    Most, if not all, of my paid apps are games, and I’m guessing I’m in the 40-50 range. I imagine I’ll break 50 before January’s over, given that I’m out of Angry Birds levels, and thus in need of new games. Also, at a typical 99 cents per game, its all too easy to impulse buy. At least for me. smile


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  • Posted: 30 December 2011 10:21 PM #5

    Total Apps: 543
    Paid Apps: 46
    Free Apps: 497
    Ratio: 9%

    Total Cost of Apps: $156.54

    Most Expensive App: The Daily Show $14.99

    Average Cost of Paid App: $3.40
    Average Cost per App: $0.29

    Size of Mobile Apps: 25.3GB

  • Posted: 31 December 2012 05:01 AM #6

    I have around around 5- 10 paid applications. I have more free applications .

  • Posted: 08 February 2013 01:29 AM #7

    Just like Gelfo, I have around 5-10 paid apps. I only download paid apps that are really useful, most of them are actually the full versions of the lite ones that I’ve tried. For instance the ReMINEd and IDBuddy full versions. For the rest of my apps, I just go for the free ones.