MGG 378 - Card Munch App

  • Posted: 12 February 2012 06:42 PM

    (tried posting this on the comments section after the show notes—and got a red error message )

    Just listened to the Cast, boys and loved it as usual.  About the CardMunch business card scanner app—verified by real people—it is “FREE”.  However, I believe you have to have a paid LinkedIn account to make it really work for you. 

    LinkedIn is a great service for those who want to pay $25 - $50 a month for promoting their professional selves online.  I don’t use it, don’t have a need, can’t justify the cost.  However, for some people it just makes sense.  It really isn’t the “Facebook of Business” like so many people claim it is.  Facebook is about making as many connections as possible.  Linked In is really about making as few, carefully calculated connections as possible.  I haven’t checked their pricing scheme in a while but I think that at the $50 a month level you can contact at most 6 to 8 people a month through the Messaging function. 

    For Joe Entry-Level-Manager who is looking to move up to Senior-Level somewhere the monthly fee could be the best sum he ever spent in his life.  He may be thinking how else could I get in touch with a V.P. of Company X other than through linked in.  Linked In is absolutely useless as a free account because you can’t do anything with it at the free level.

    that’s my perspective.