AAPL Pullback

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    Posted: 15 February 2012 12:52 AM #16

    Gregg Thurman - 15 February 2012 03:11 AM
    JDSoCal - 15 February 2012 02:16 AM
    Mav - 15 February 2012 12:12 AM

    February OE max pain theory is utterly obliterated right now.  500?  Try 510.

    AAPL selling was pretty short-lived.  Anyone trying to drive AAPL down…pretty much failed.

    The trend continues to look like it’s up.  And the markets have yet to have a particularly awesome up day!

    Mav, you seem to have two personalities. And so does Mav.

    LOL Awesomely funny.

    Thats what happens when you don’t get enough sleep and use your iPHone to do all your posting. :wink: