Remember those ‘old’ apple cinema displays 23” and 30”?

  • Posted: 21 February 2012 01:02 PM

    I have one of those 23” ones - must be about 7 years old now -you know the version with the little white box power adapter to which you have to attach one of the cables that comes out of the screen attached (a sign of how it was originally badly designed) while the rest go straight into the computer.

    Well, my screen just stopped working. And I think it is that power adapter that is dead, rather than the screen itself. I should have seen this coming long ago. After all, I paid 2000 euros for the screen when I bought it. And to risk that much money on such a tiny insignificant ‘accessory’ is stupid. But there you have me.

    I tried to buy a replacement one from Apple, but ofcourse they no longer stock them. Nor do any shops in my local vicinity. Apple suggested I buy one over the net. I did. But it turned out to be a fraudster (CAMERASTONE - don’t go there).

    I just found someone on a local ads website who is selling what looks to be the the same adapter but which goes with the old 30” version of the Apple Cinema Display.

    I wanted to know whether the adapter for the old 30 version would work on my 23” version (the adapter for the 23” is 90w).

    Does anyone out there have any memory of this? Or is everyone who bought one of these Apple Cinema Displays all those many years ago now dead? or just got rid of it a year later for a newer version?

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    Posted: 23 February 2012 11:42 AM #1

    Assuming your display uses the Apple Display Connector (ADC), then your dead adapter’s job was to provide power. That adapter worked with any Apple display with an ADC connector. The ADC-based displays had a plastic bezel, and the DVI-based models have a metal bezel. As I recall, the metal bezel displays each had their own power adapter because the 30-inch model needed more juice.

  • Posted: 24 February 2012 03:30 AM #2


    I forgot about those plastic displays.

    The one I have has a metal frame and casiing (bizzel?).

    SO that means I can’t use a 30” adapter on my 23”.

    Which is a downer as the only thing I can find for now is someone selling an adpater for a 30”

    What a lousy story this mac thing has been..

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    Posted: 25 February 2012 06:46 PM #3

    To be fair, it has been seven years. If the cause for the failure really is just the power adapter, I’d say it’s been a pretty reliable product.