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    Posted: 27 February 2012 09:48 AM

    Motorola can’t enforce standard-essential patents against Apple in Germany while appeal is ongoing

    Apple scored a breakthrough court victory today against Motorola. Its importance can hardly be overstated. This is so huge that it even begs the question of whether Google’s strategy for its $12.5 billion purchase of Motorola Mobility has failed before the deal is even formally closed (they’re still waiting for some regulatory approvals).


    This is such a major blow to Google’s patent strategy that, from a mere shareholder value point of view, it should now give serious consideration to the possibility of coughing up the $2.5 billion break-up fee agreed upon with MMI’s board of directors and walk out on this deal. After all, that $2.5 billion payment would be an affordable subsidy for the only totally Google-aligned company among the major handset makers. But in all likelihood, Google will nevertheless try to close the deal, if only to avoid a colossal embarrassment for its CEO and other decision-makers.

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    Posted: 27 February 2012 12:15 PM #1

    Foss is the go-to guy regarding patent issues, so this carries weight. Thanks for posting!