iTunes / Apple ID security

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    Posted: 29 February 2012 09:48 PM

    Has anyone ever had their Apple ID compromised? It seems like this is a growing problem. There is currently an 84 page discussion where person after person with similar account issues, are systematically blown off by Apple.

    Apple may be refunding their money, but it seems like they are dismissing whatever security breach is causing the problems, and blaming the users. Some people are saying the Apple even sent them email saying that Apps were downloaded to an unauthorized device… Why does Apple even allow that??

    My Apple ID was hacked in a similar fashion two years ago. Someone purchased Apps for an iPhone using my account. I have never owned an iPhone. I refused to pay for the charges, my bank removed the charges cancelled my credit card, but Apple has refused to remove the illegal purchases from my account. I have not used my account since.

    However, with more and more focus on iCloud, the App Store, etc… I have a desire to create another account. The problem is I CANNOT create an Apple ID without a credit card. I have followed the directions in Apple support KB, but it doesn’t work, the “None” option doesn’t exist:

    At this point, I certainly DON’T trust Apple with my credit card info. Has anyone else had any issues like this? Any suggestions?

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    Posted: 16 March 2012 09:49 AM #1

    For anyone interested, there was an article in the NY Times yesterday about App Store security: