Easily unhide files (not folders) on My Mac in GUI - not terminal

  • Posted: 03 March 2012 10:26 PM

    I’ve been Mac user for my primary computer for 7+ years now and something hit me that I could do easier in Windows than on my Mac.

    I’m sure there is a way to do this on the Mac—and even if I needed to buy an add-on app for a few bucks (not more than $20—that would be ok).

    Had a client that made a backup on a Windows box of a lot of family photos.  The backup program they used makes the JPGs hidden but interestingly enough there is no dots before the file name.  Because their hard drive was swamped with viruses—I copied the backup folder of pictures to my Mac.  The master folder and several sub folders were not hidden but the JPGs were.  So I did the terminal command to show all hidden files on my Mac.  GREAT. 

    However, what I really wanted to do was make those JPGs (over 1000 in different sub folders) permanently unhidden.  Cannot easily do that by a right click Get Info or something else on a Mac.  Fortunately I have windows XP installed through Parallels.  Here is the Windows procedure for doing this.

    1. Select file or group of files

    2.  Right click

    3.  Select properties

    4.  Uncheck hidden

    Any thoughts on making this happen as simple or simpler on the Mac—even with the help of a utility—hopefully free.

  • Posted: 04 March 2012 07:02 PM #1

    I think I may have found an answer in Total Finder—but I am not sure.  Does anyone have experience with Total Finder?  Can you hide / unhide batches of files ?