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    Mace - 08 March 2012 09:27 PM
    omacvi - 08 March 2012 09:09 PM

    Instead of going down to 7”  to compete, Amazon and the gang are moving up to 10”.

    Many folks still read fiction books which has 7.85” diagonal.  So, it could be viable to produce an iPad mini or may be called it iBook :-x.

    The smaller form factor is absolutely viable.  Arguments against it sound similar to when the iPod went downscale to iPod Mini/Nano.  And we know how that turned out.

    Granted, the analogy isn’t perfect as we’re mixing the visual vs. auditory.  However, I’ve read many, many books in paperback, which is made to order for the 7.85” size.  It would primarily be a consumption device.  It would fill the gap between the iPod Touch and the current iPad 3.  (I’m not suggesting Maxi and Mini nomenclature either.  :wink: )

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    Posted: 09 March 2012 05:04 AM #17

    I actually expect any new additional iPad form factor to be LARGER than the iPad rather than smaller. 

    I’m thinking a desktop iPad version for creative Pros - something 20” or bigger. Something to run multitouch versions of Aperture, final cut & Xcode, as well as all the current ipad apps. Not sure if I’m talking about the next major revision of the iMacs, or a REPLACEMENT for Macs altogether.


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    Posted: 09 March 2012 11:00 AM #18

    Gregg Thurman - 08 March 2012 10:41 PM

    TIME TO STOP THE CRAZINESS.  Apple has clearly demonstrated that they do not believe in the user experience provided by a smaller screen. The iPad’s current screen size is perfect. The only buyers of smaller screens are those looking for a lower price, they are not looking for an equal experience.

    I tried the Apple bookstore on my iPod touch.  Politely speaking, not recommended. 

    The iPod touch is good for light web browsing, music and even some video.

    Books ?  constant flipping of pages ?  No.

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    Posted: 09 March 2012 11:25 AM #19

    No mini, iPad2 here to stay for quite awhile if sales are decent. Watch people shopping for other tablets (cheaper ones). I would guess that a large portion of them are doing so simply on price sensitivity.

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    Posted: 09 March 2012 12:48 PM #20

    Form Factor      Best for ...
    90 mm            Handheld games
    110 mm           Car GPS
    200 mm           Reading fiction books
    250 mm           Email
    browsing and watching video 

    Apple chose to launch devices for the 90 mm form factor market followed by the 250 mm form factor devices.


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  • Posted: 07 May 2012 10:31 PM #21

    I will be buying 3 or 4 one year old iPad units in six months or so for my business. I’m hoping to be able to hold out until iPad 3’s hit $399 but I’ll go for iPad 2’s if business dictates I have to get them prior to the iPad 4 release (and iPad 3 price drop). It’s also interesting to see that refurbished iPad 2’s from Apple are now only $319. I may go that route because that price is pretty incredible. Hoping to be able to hold out for reburbished iPad 3 units at that price.