3 Theories on the New iPad?s Missing ‘3’

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    Posted: 09 March 2012 04:06 PM

    Three theories on the new iPad’s missing 3.


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  • Posted: 09 March 2012 04:21 PM #1

    While some pundits predicted the device announced Wednesday would be called the iPad 3?and others said iPad HD?Apple threw a curveball and didn’t use a specific moniker for its latest upgrade. Rather, the company simply called it “the new iPad.”
    The company didn’t provide a detailed explanation. Phil Schiller, Apple’s senior vice president of world-wide marketing, simply said that Apple broke from the convention “because we don’t want to be predictable.”


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    Posted: 09 March 2012 04:32 PM #2

    That’s a dumb article from WSJ, quoting people predisposed to be confused by the name.  (Can’t really be too negative on the Salesforce.com CEO, he’s a good friend of Apple and Steve.)

    iPad 3.  iPad Retina.  iPad HD.  iPad LTE.  iPad 4G.  iPad 2S. 

    The new iPad could go by any of those six names anyway depending on who you ask.  None of them fully describe the iPad’s abilities.  The last one is an insult to iPad’s progress from last year.  The first one implies iPad numbering for each year Apple stays in business.  Lincoln’s been around a while and even they dropped the “Mark” series (and of course, automakers don’t refresh their cars as quickly as tech companies refresh their stuff). 

    iPod shuffle/nano/touch/classic.  iMac.  MacBook Air/Pro.  Mac mini.  Apple TV. 

    Get used to it, the great confused masses.  You’ll still buy the new iPad and iPhone with little trouble.


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  • Posted: 09 March 2012 06:06 PM #3

    It will have been a considered decision by Apple. iPhone is driven by the carrier contract renewal cycle, and by the heavy subsidies, so numbering motivates upgrades/renewals, and clarifies the contract /phone bundles. iPad isn’t driven by that process, and I think Apple’s intention may be to push PC replacement hard, to turn PC users into iPad users, meaning that, for now, it wants to emphasise iPad users versus PC users rather than new iPad versus old. We saw Tim Cook show a graphic making Apple the largest producer of personal computing devices, where iPads were shown against PC’s. He didn’t even mention Macs. Apple wants iPad to be THE generic term for tablet, as Hoover once was for vacuum cleaner. It’s an enormous commercial benefit to have people shopping using a name the competition isn’t allowed to use, even if they manage to offer a substantially identical product.

    Secondly, it may be that Apple doesn’t want to break out separate numbers for different models, partly matching the game Amazon has been playing with Kindle numbers. (show the Kindle Fire while quoting total Kindle sales)

    Thirdly, it may be that Apple is planning to become even more nimble with spec changes to counter Samsung and Amazon, and it would be damaging to have to use too many different model names.

    iPhone versus cellphone was like taking candy from a baby. iPad versus PC/tablet is going to be war (outcome may be the same, but the competition aren’t in denial this time, even if they haven’t won a single battle).

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