Transferring cds to Classic iPod

  • Posted: 20 March 2012 04:38 PM

    I have over 500 cds and am considering getting a classic iPod to transfer them. I have a 300 cd changer that I have stored only a handful of cds—time consuming to catalog. Thinking Classic iPod and an external speaker would give me more space—rid of cds—and be portable. Any pros or cons?

  • Posted: 24 March 2012 01:33 AM #1

    If you plan on getting rid of the cd’s you’ll need more than just an iPod Classic. I’d back up the tunes on an external drive or two too. If the iPod dies and you haven’t made multiple copies, you’ll lose everything. Another drawback of getting rid of the cd’s is if MP3 becomes an obsolete format, you’ll also lose everything.

    I still have all my cd’s, but here’s what I did. I made mp3’s of all the songs on my cd’s. You’ll want to rip them at the highest quality setting: 192. I have a 1 tb drive and a small portable 500 gb drive. I back the tunes up on both, so there are 2 copies of everything.

    I decided I wanted a cool iTunes stereo in my living room, so I bought a retro iMac g4 on Ebay for $75. It’s the cool looking one with the flat screen, half sphere base and an adjustable neck. I bought drives that connect with firewire 400 so I could hook up my 1 tb drive to the iMac G4. It came with Harman Kardon speakers, so instant stereo. I have over 40,000 tunes on the drive.