How to search against all ebooks (iPad 3)?

  • Posted: 15 April 2012 04:36 PM

    Unlike many here, I’m very new to ebooks, and with my recent purchase of an iPad 3, I now have several, I’m happy to say.

    Is there a way for one to search words, phrases, notes across all books in a library, as opposed to just the one that is currently open?

    I am now using Kindle on the iPad, and while it seems that the Kindle can do this, I think that is only so on the Kindle device.  From my research, iBooks does not have this functionality also.  If incorrect, please let me know…

    What other options are there?  I found something called VitalSource, which claims to do just this, but the reviews are minimal and not all that compelling.

    Thanks much.

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