Keyboard and trackpad Not Working

  • Posted: 26 April 2012 02:22 AM

    Hi Guys,

    Keyboard and tackpad are not working in my macbook pro, even usb ports also not working. I guess somone has removed usb files from my system.

    please help me to solve this issue.

    I do not have installation Cd’s to restore.

    MacBook Pro



  • Posted: 10 July 2012 12:16 AM #1

    Seems to be some hardware issue. Is it still in warranty? You need to contact nearest Apple support.

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    Posted: 11 July 2012 03:31 PM #2

    Sajin may be right in that it could be a drivers issue. The trick, though, is you’d need *something* to restore it. Perhaps reinstalling the latest version of the combo updater (10.7.2 if you’re on Lion, 10.6.8 on Snow Leopard) might restore these. Of course, without your keyboard or pointing device, getting these to work would be a trick.

    The next step, then, is to see if it works at boot. What happens if you hold down Option key at boot? Do you get the disk list? And if you do, does your mouse work *there*? That could help troubleshoot.

    If it doesn’t, then it’s possible that resetting the PRAM or resetting the SMC is the magic answer. I’ve seen those solve what appear to be “hardware” problems before, and are certainly worth a shot.


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