AAPL Analyst Group Updates

  • Posted: 28 May 2012 03:51 PM


    Effective Tuesday evening at 11:59pm PDT the Braeburn Group is officially closed to new members through the posting of the Group’s June quarter AAPL estimates. Between now and tomorrow night Braeburn Group membership requests will be accepted only from members of the AAPL Independent Analysts group on Linkedin.

    Membership in the Linkedin group will remain open during the Braeburn Group’s membership quiet period.

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  • Posted: 28 May 2012 03:55 PM #1

    We wish everyone well as we enter the most exciting nine-month period in Apple’s storied history and we look forward to the opportunities Apple’s continuing success over this period will provide to the company’s customers, shareholders and suppliers.

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  • Posted: 04 June 2012 11:24 AM #2

    A quick update:

    The following is now posted on the Braeburn Group home page:

    “The mission of the Braeburn Group is to provide the best and most productive discussion environment for active Apple independent analysts, the readers who closely follow our work and professionals with an interest in the products and product markets we cover.

    As on Tuesday, May 29th through the public posting of the Braeburn Group’s June quarter AAPL estimate index, we have placed a moratorium on new community memberships. Following the lifting of the moratorium in early July, all prospective new members will be screened through the AAPL Independent Analysts group on LinkedIn. Please join the AAPL Independent Analysts group on LinkedIn if you desire to become a member of the Braeburn Group discussion community upon the expiration of the new member moratorium.”