Cable Modems and Set Top Boxes

  • Posted: 14 June 2012 03:47 AM

    I am going to ask a series of questions about Comcast Cable Voice Modems and Set Top Boxes here, because Comcast’s website is such a massive maze of misdirection and no information that I have fled for my life and am taking my chances that I might find the answers to my questions here.

    I have one of those Ubee voice cable modems that Comcast rents to the unsuspecting. The thing has been working fine, actually. It is working okay, now. The thing is, it has a whole series of lights on it, as if they are supposed to convey information and yet, there is no where, anywhere, a description of what the lights mean.

    Okay, a few of the lights do have reasonable, understandable labels, like “power” and “Tel 1,” but a few do not. So, what does “DS” and “US” stand for? Why was it, for the longest time, both the DS and the US lights showed a steady green? Then, for some time now, the DS was a steady blue light, with the US remaining green. Why this?

    Ah, but it didn’t stay this way for long. No, just this week, while the DS remains a steady blue, the US light has changed to a blinking blue. Why oh why is this so?

    To top it off, there is now a blue light on the Set Top Box, that we have never seen before.

    Is Comcast trying to tell us something?

    If they are trying to tell us something, why the seance-like light show? Why not call us on the phone like normal people?

    Can you help explain the meaning of the various colored lights?

    Would really like to know.

    Thank you for your time.


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    Posted: 14 June 2012 11:53 AM #1

    What model is the Ubee modem? What model is the set top box?

    DS and US are usually downstream and upstream.

  • Posted: 17 June 2012 07:23 PM #2

    Yes..“DS” for downstream and “US” for upstream.

    I can clearly testify, now, that a tired brain doesn’t help it’s owner any by coming up with this. No.. instead it just sits back and lets it’s owner make a complete…

    Thank you for your patience and for your reply.

    Okay.. in answer to your questions, the cable modem is a UBEE DOCSIS 3.0 eMTA and the cable set top box is Comcast’s RNG 110 from what I can see.

    Hmm… perhaps the lights are blue on the modem because the downstream and upstream are now high speed DOCSIS 3 connections? Green lights were for DOCSIS 2, perhaps?

    Blinking because.. something is wrong? It’s all good? There are deer in the woods?

    It is true.. there are deer in the woods. I saw one just this morning. ; )

    I admit I haven’t power cycled the cable modem. I could do this next time I shut down my Mac. See if that changes anything.

    What are your thoughts?

    Anyway, just curious about the lights and thought it wouldn’t hurt to know more about how all this works. Hope you don’t mind the questions.


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    Posted: 18 June 2012 03:51 PM #3

    Is there a model number on the UBEE, something like U10C034 or some such? I’m guessing it is a DVM3200. I believe you are right on the color of the lights. I believe blue would be a higher speed connection.

  • Posted: 18 June 2012 04:17 PM #4

    Oh.. I am sorry, yes, the model number is DMM3203B.

    Okay, thanks so much!

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    Posted: 21 June 2012 03:51 PM #5

    I can confirm that the DOCSIS 3 cable modems I’ve had (I’ve had 2) that blue does, in fact, indicate that multiple channels are bonded together, indicating the faster connection.


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