Thoughts on the new maps in iOS 6

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    Posted: 06 August 2012 02:26 AM #16

    Tuffett - 06 August 2012 05:19 AM

    I’m hearing a lot of talk about Apple maps not having transit directions, and that being a huge disadvantage. With the API open to developers, wouldn’t transit directions for most major cities be available at launch or soon after? Am I missing something?

    Some are trying to make mountains from molehills because Apple didn’t try to do transit all on its own, instead preferring to showcase third party transit stuff. 

    Note how Apple approaches certain technologies, like voice and maps.  iOS 8-9 could be a lot different than iOS 6.  Heck, iOS 6 is gonna be a lot different from the iOS 2-5 paradigm of maps.  If transit for some reason becomes a really big deal, Apple will address it.


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    Posted: 06 August 2012 03:16 AM #17

    I read somewhere that existing 3rd party iOS transit apps, although not tied in with Maps, provide more accurate info compared to Google’s more integrated solution. Give it a few months and I bet Apple & their developers figure out something that will at least match the Android version.

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    Mercel - 15 June 2012 04:23 PM
    geoduck - 15 June 2012 04:19 PM
    Drew Bear - 15 June 2012 03:36 PM

    It will be interesting to see how Google responds to iOS 6 Maps. Will they submit their own Google Maps app?

    A very good question. In addition would Apple reject the GoogleMaps App because it duplicates a feature in iOS?

    My prediction:  Google will launch a maps app and Apple will let them.

    Agreed As long as Apple allows the competition to play in Apple’s backyard the ant-trust police will leave them alone.  MSFT’s big error in judgement was to deny the competition access to the market.


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  • Posted: 07 August 2012 11:58 AM #19

    Ironically the thing that concerns me the most is the inclusion of tomtom as a partner on this project.  I just hope to the good lord theyare only using their maps and not their planning algorithms because my standalone GPS from them has repeatedly led me to entirely incorrect destinations.  Not only that, but I usually have to force it to give me a route that avoids the parking lot that Chicago freeways become in the afternoon, despite its claim to have analyzed the fastest route based on thousands of roads and traffic calculations.  Google maps navigation , in my experience is far superior despite it not being their only focus.

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    Posted: 07 August 2012 02:52 PM #20

    Anyone here ever use Waze? My hope is that iOS 6’s take on turn-by-turn navigation is similar to the Waze uses its crowd-sourcing data and puts some nice Apple polish on that.