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    Posted: 01 July 2012 04:39 PM

    So I am a professional photographer and Aperture is a key part of my workflow. For various reasons I’am still using Snow Leopard and knew there were some upgrades available however they seemed unavailable to me. If I tried to download the standalone upgrades I would get a dialog box on trying to open the disk image file saying, For my version of Aperture I needed to upgrade via the App Store, even though the files i needed did not appear under my upgrade choices. (and my original vs of Aperture was on standalone DVD’s) So feeling caught in a bit of a maze I decided on a whim to write Tim Cook.

    Couple of days go by, phone rings… Hello? Hi this is “MB” at Apple Corporate Executive Relations and am calling in reference to your e-mail to “Mr. Tim Cook!”

    Well needless to say almost fell out of my chair. MB said she wanted to help so explained my whole saga, MB said she understood but thought I should talk to someone with more technical knowledge so she conferences in “P” we chat for a while and he says ok so I understand your issue you should talk to someone in the Aperture Pro Support Group. He says he will call me back when they are on the line. 15min later am chatting to “C” who quickly understands my issue and says he has e-mailed me some files. Stays on the line as I did what need to be done and in short order my Aperture application is upgraded my issue fully resolved, & I’am thinking this is absolutely bloody brilliant.

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    Posted: 01 July 2012 04:57 PM #1

    Wow, that’s really encouraging to see such a big corporation reach out to a customer even though he/she didn’t even go through proper channels.  Makes me wonder how often Apple does this sort of thing.  Seed the country/world with a few hundred (thousand?) instances of Apple going out of its way to help the little guy and watch how they’ll continue to build goodwill and loyalty and improve their reputation as the biggest, nicest company in the world.  Instead of hollow vows of “do no evil” Apple practices “do nice things for your clientele…”

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    F***in’ awesome story!!! Wow. Thanks for sharing.

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    Your story was possible because of the CULTURE Steve Jobs and Compnay created. That CULTURE will survive the changing of the guard for years to come. The inertia required to change it, in a firm of 12+ million employees, is mind bogglingly huge.


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    Posted: 01 July 2012 07:13 PM #4

    Great story. 

    Gregg, I think that’s a typo on the # of employees.


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    Thanks, Steve.

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    Posted: 01 July 2012 08:07 PM #5

    Yes.  Your internal estimates are wrong. And using your logic -  All employees will now shrink 4 inches.  LOL.

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    Posted: 02 July 2012 11:12 PM #6

    Pretty amazing story for a corporation that large.