Next iPhone has to have a drop dead gorgeous design

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    Yojimbo - 06 July 2012 09:02 PM
    adamthompson32 - 06 July 2012 08:46 PM
    Yojimbo - 06 July 2012 08:36 PM

    You are right in the fact that the ecosys and performance are of outmost importance. And apple will kick butt there.

    But I just feel that a gorgouse design is very important too.. With the competition being what it is,there is no room for complainceny

    And looks go a long way in first impressions. And for many could be deciding factor!

    But I am glad u guys feel the way you do… It eases my concerns a bit!

    Totally disagree. Competition won’t matter much until we hit saturation in the smart phone market. Right now there really isn’t competition as Apple sells every phone it can make. Once we hit saturation, platforms will have to compete for share. iOS will win that battle too but right now they don’t have to beat anyone.

    That is what I categorize as complaincancy ...
    Approach like that ..and in no time apple will be dust.
    But I firmly believe apple does not think like that and they are in full competitive mode of operation.

    Just hope they don’t slip up on design.

    I am not complacent but that is the smart phone market today for Apple. Apple, of course, doesn’t see it that way. Apple is competing heavily with itself which means it is competing with a “competitor” that is far superior to the “competition” in the marketplace. That’s what leaders do.

    Personally, design doesn’t matter much to me, but I’m confident for those that it does, Apple will release another nice looking phone soon.

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    adamthompson32 - 07 July 2012 02:08 PM

    Personally, design doesn’t matter much to me, but I’m confident for those that it does, Apple will release another nice looking phone soon.

    I love good design .. For esthetics and ergonomics…
    And when the two are in harmony…. magic happens!

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    Both of my iPhones go naked in the wild. 

    The case designers do a poor job and that’s why they’re still case designers.

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    I’ve had iPhone since iPhone 1.  Never used a case.  Never damaged a phone.  My kids, however, all have iPhones (4 and 4S), always use cases, and all are cracked/damaged in some shape or form.  Sad :(

    Never saw the need.  Plus the design has always been gorgeous.  Like putting hugh plastic cladding on a Ferrari to protect it.  Always in hip pocket by itself and never a scratch on any of them.


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    Did Jonny Ive “drop dead”?  Does he do anything other than gorgeous?


    I don’t mind being wrong…,I just hate being wrong so FAST!

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    The only problem I have with the iPhone 4 design is the ledge around the phone that separates the aluminum from the glass. It can collect dirt in the groove and a ledge is not as seamless as a smooth transition. Some recent mockups are more tapered and removes the sharp ledges.

    But as regards your worry, I have complete faith in Sir Ive, and that 2 years is plenty of time to re-design a beautiful phone. I think most of your worry is how can you improve on something that is already so perfect? Apple will find a way.

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    I have zero concerns when it comes to the design of the next iPhone.

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    roni - 08 July 2012 09:28 PM

    I have zero concerns when it comes to the design of the next iPhone.

    My only real concern is app fragmentation. I see this as the one serious “issue” that could drive the FUD machines.

    Perhaps someone with a better understanding of the rez differences and impact on apps could comment.


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    bick - 08 July 2012 04:00 AM

    I have complete faith in Sir Ive…

    Sorry to be pernickety, but you’d probably prefer to know . . .

    From Wikipedia:

    In the British honor system the knightly style of Sir is accompanied by the given name, and optionally the surname. So, Elton John may be called Sir Elton or Sir Elton John, but never Sir John. Similarly, actress Judi Dench DBE may be addressed as Dame Judi or Dame Judi Dench, but never Dame Dench.

    Of course there is lots of other obscure nonsense in the British honours system. But every brit knows about “Sir”.

    So, if you’re using his formal title, he’s “Sir Jonathan” or “Sir Jonathan Ive”.

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    Personally I don’t think it’s mandatory that Apple changes the design with the next iPhone. However it wouldn’t surprise me if it changed. So far it seems to be that they use a design for two generations and then switch to a new one. Then agin, there have only been five models so it’s only the start of a pattern. Hard to say with absolute certainty.

    If I may make one prediction about the iPhone 5 (or “The New iPhone”) it is that it will integrate mobile payments and other ID cards, probably using an NFC chip. It is a logical extension of iOS 6’s Passbook app, and I suspect they only talked about half of the functionality it will ultimately have, since we don’t yet have the hardware out to take full advantage of it.

    And personally, I’m way more excited about that than I am about a potential change in design. It would be lovely if we reach a point where I can pay for anything from any of my cards or bank accounts by just swiping my phone and entering a pin. Leave the physical cards at home as a backup, but let the phone replace your wallet. That would be (err, will be!) huge. And it would open up a huge new revenue stream for Apple if they get to shave a little off the top of each transaction the way credit card companies do.

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    Which gets lost/stolen more often?  Your credit card or your phone?

    I wonder what consumer acceptance of storing a credit card or bank account (debit card), no matter how encrypted, on a mobile device would be like.  Well in the US, I guess you can just check on Google Wallet uptake.

    I’d prefer a layer of abstraction (such as a new form of iTunes authentication) and new paradigms of NFC payment that don’t yet exist (like using BT 4.0 and not having to actually wave my phone at or possibly fumble it and drop it near some terminal at the drive-thru in the pouring rain, sleet or snow or late at night).  Wave ‘n pay?  Nah, more like the Apple Store’s self checkout system, please.

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    David, I guarantee you the new iPhone will look significantly different from the 4/4S, even if the glass and steel motif is carried over in some form the way the Retina MacBook is an evolution of the first unibody aluminum models.  They supposedly have to make the screen bigger and find more space to incorporate a bigger battery to deal with that and LTE after all. wink


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    I’ve never had my wallet or phone stolen. But I’ve definitely misplaced my wallet more often than my phone.

    If anything I think a digital wallet is more secure. There’s almost zero protection of physical credit cards. Many places don’t check for signatures on purchases under a certain amount, and those that do rarely even look at the signature.

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    Don’t get me wrong, mobile payments are the future.  (Though I misplace my phone more often than my wallet, personally.)

    The “how” is the key.  Wave ‘n pay seems so anachronistic…I mean it IS based on several-year old technology that doesn’t seem to work all that reliably even at super-close range.  Extend the range, maximize convenience, balance with strong security.  Simple to identify the issues, it’s the details of the possible answers that always getcha.


    The Summer of AAPL is here.  Enjoy it (responsibly) while it lasts.
    AFB Night Owl Team™
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    My wallet has been stolen once, but never my phone.
    Sometimes I have forgotten my credit/check card at a restaurant after paying (I got it every time back), but I have never forgotten my iPhone (except at home).

    There is also “Find my iPhone”!

    So for me iPhone would be a much more secure place for storing my payment data than any plastic card!