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  • Posted: 23 July 2012 05:09 PM

    It will be interesting to see how Open Interest numbers change tomorrow on the Weekly $610 and $650 Calls.  They led today’s sales activity with 20,043 and 18,077 contracts respectively.  The highest volume Put was the Weekly $590 with 13,252 contracts changing hands.

    I’m a bit surprised at the volume on the Weekly $650 Calls.  That’s a lot of contracts on a very aggressive investment.

    I’m betting on AAPL exceeding $625.


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    Posted: 23 July 2012 05:29 PM #1

    Yes, this article reporting that option interest is growing:

    I am going to keep my eye on the AUG monthly OI… right now a lot of call interest at 600 and 650.

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