Braeburn Group September Price Target Index

  • Posted: 04 August 2012 02:23 PM

    This is a reminder to all Braeburn Group members in the AFB the submission deadline for the September AAPL 12-Month Price Target Index is September 1st. I’m updating the Group home page this weekend. The current 12-Month Price Target Index can be found at this new location. It will be linked from the home page before the end of the weekend.

  • Posted: 04 August 2012 02:24 PM #1

    We are now expanding coverage in the Braeburn Group to include major Apple component suppliers such as Qualcomm and Cirrus Logic.

  • Posted: 04 August 2012 09:01 PM #2

    I’ll be updating my own 12-month price target over the next week. I have some rather compelling charts to share that indicate the potential for rather impressive share price appreciation over the next 12 months.