iCloud is threatening me!!!!

  • Posted: 08 August 2012 08:55 AM

    I did not like to use iCloud but got sucked in for a few features in the end and then had second thoughts and decided to get off it all together.  So I tried to untick the few items I had ticked today.  It informed me that if I did so the files for the said areas would be removed from my COMPUTER not from iCloud Surely this is a very dodgy thing to say to me.  Does anyone know how to disengage from iCloud once it has its foggy hands upon ones files?????????

  • Posted: 09 August 2012 01:24 PM #1

    Which features are you trying to uncheck? Many of them do give you the option to keep the data on your computer, others do not. There may be a workaround if you can tell me what you have been syncing.