Support drivers for XP via bootcamp on a Mid 2010 Mac Mini 4,1

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    Posted: 10 August 2012 01:49 PM

    Greetings.  This is my first post, so please be gentle.  wink 

    I deal with a lot of vintage computers in my studio, for no good reason at all outside of my own masochistic entertainment I suppose.  While I’d hardly call a 2010 Mac Mini running Snow Leopard vintage, it does bring up some “interesting” issues that remind me of some of the issues I run into w/older systems…

    Here’s the situation:

    Bought a used Mac Mini mid 2010 via Gain Saver.  Not a bad experience thus far buying a used machine.  well? that’s another topic though.

    It came with Snow Leopard installed, which is perfect (so I thought) because Lion won’t really let you install XP onto a bootcamp partition.  It says it’ll only support Win 7,.

    Well, actually, you probably could install XP onto a Lion system, but not by using boot camp assistant, and you’d need to supply the proper support drivers… which brings me to my issue.

    The problem is that Apple doesn’t support installing XP anymore, so the drivers aren’t available for download, that I can find.  The XP that I have installed onto my bootcamp partition will not work.  (No internet, shoddy video, blah blah blah blah)

    I do have a Snow Leopard install disk, however it’s from 2009 and doesn’t include the drivers needed for the 4, 1 mid 2010 Mac Mini.

    I’ve searched pretty throuroughly for a one stop, pick up your drivers kind of place to get this driver bundle, to no avail.

    One option is to find all the original drivers for all the components individually.  While this is certainly possible, it’d be a royal pain, and fraught with the very large possibility of error (installing the wrong driver, etc).  A second option is to search and download via torrents, which I admit I did find the supposed drivers there.  It’s not downloading very quickly and I’m not sure if I trust drivers from torrents, especially when they will be run on a machine running Windows.

    I’m curious if anyone might know of a one stop trusted source to get these drivers?  Or… any other thoughts* on this matter?

    Thanks so much!


    * (Outside of “why the hell do you want to run XP?” which is admittedly an extremely valid question, and I have extremely geeky, equally valid answers to that…. but again, that’s probably also another topic…)

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    Posted: 10 August 2012 05:15 PM #1

    I think if I can get hold of a mid 2010 or later Snow Leopard Install disk, I’ll be able to get the drivers.

    I put a request out to my friends on FB, and it looks like I may have a friend around me that has a DVD of the right vintage.

    I’ll see if it works.

    If this mad plan works, where would be the most helpful place to the Mac community at large for me to post the files and/or the image of the Windows portion of that DVD?  I think it’ll be around 800MB or something… 

    Judging from the amount of people complaining about their XP installs not working where the correct drivers would fix the issue, it seems they should be posted somewhere…

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    Posted: 12 August 2012 06:17 PM #2

    Well, that Snow Leopard DVD I got from my friend wasn’t quite right… maybe it wasn’t new enough.

    Regardless, the torrent finished downloading and I went ahead and installed it and it seems to work.  I’ll run a scan on it all, but I feel like everything is legit…

    So, assuming this works without a hitch… again I ask if I should post this stuff somewhere?  A public dropbox folder? 

    or I could just be insane for thinking of such things.  It wouldn’t be the first time and won’t be the last.


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    Posted: 15 August 2012 05:41 PM #3

    Thanks for this, Blatboy. SOunds like quite a fun little adventure you went on, but glad you were successful! smile

    As for sharing that stuff, I’m not sure of the legality of it (or if Apple even cares given the age of the OS), but I think RapidShare would be a safer solution than Dropbox for anyone wanting to do what you’re suggesting. Just a thought.


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    Posted: 17 August 2012 12:08 AM #4

    Thanks Dave.  Yeah, I’ve been unsure about the legality too, being that the only place I could find it was on a torrent.  I do find that odd… I understand them not wanting to actively support outdated gear (to a point), but at the same time having access to some of these files is absolutely necessary.  Well… ok… absolutely necessary if you want to run XP on certain older macs.

    I checked out Rapid Share and I may go that route.

    I’ll also offer up anyone to PM me if they want the file.  Perhaps this thread will come up in a search.  I’ll take me chances on the legality.  I rip the tags off of mattresses too sometimes.  That’s just how I roll, you dig.  wink

    Thanks again Dave.  I really appreciate your reply.  I listened to #412 today whilst doing some cleaning around the house.  I especially appreciated hearing you talk about your Synology NAS… I’ve been eyeing one of those to use as an off site backup for my studio… and perhaps stream iTunes…  but, that’s probably a topic for another thread.