Apple once again influencing appliances

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    Posted: 16 August 2012 09:16 PM


    Remember what happened when the Bondi-blue iMac made its debut? All of the sudden, everything from George Foreman grills to popcorn-poppers looked iMac-inspired. Now an article suggests that the next big design ideas at Whirlpool are also Apple-inspired:

    On Monday, Whirlpool introduced a new premium exterior finish that they call ?White Ice.? With clean lines, silver accents and streamlined controls, the new collection?s refrigerator, range, dishwasher, and microwave are a departure from the flash and glitz of stainless steel and its many lookalikes. In fact, the combination of a white finish, stainless handles and mirrored glass appear to have a lot in common with Apple?s popular design language.

    You can read the article here:

    While the new Whirlpool designs are nowhere near the look-alike appliances that chased the original iMac, I found it interesting that the comparison to Apple’s design language was mentioned.


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