Apple v Samsung: Who Will Win?

Poll: Apple v Samsung: Who Will Win?
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Apple. It’s clear Samsung copied the iPhone and iPad.
Samsung. They came up with their own designs, and Apple owes licensing fees.
The companies will reach a settlement before the jury returns a verdict.
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    Posted: 20 August 2012 12:47 PM

    Apple and Samsung’s mobile device patent infringement lawsuit will go to the jury this week after both side finish filing their requests for jury instructions. Who do you think will come out the winner?

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    Posted: 20 August 2012 01:00 PM #1

    Probably Neither will win, not outright, but will spin it that they did.

    But that doesn’t stifle hope that there will be a reasonable outcome that a company cannot outright copy another’s product down to the smallest details (look and feel, chargers, etc).

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    Posted: 20 August 2012 01:18 PM #2

    Oh God, I don’t know I have only read snippets of testimony. If Apple wins it may not be a full victory.


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  • Posted: 20 August 2012 01:28 PM #3

    I suspect Apple will “win” but at a greatly reduced level.  Samsung will “win” on their FRAND counter and Apple will pay a greatly reduced FRAND licensing rate.

  • Posted: 20 August 2012 01:33 PM #4

    For sure there will be appeals.

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    Posted: 20 August 2012 01:45 PM #5

    Low-ered Ex-pec-tay-shuns.

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    Posted: 20 August 2012 02:31 PM #6

    Neither. They both have already spent far more cash and reputation on this case than they should have.

    With appeals it will drag out for years more, during which both will keep doing what they’re doing. Finally the court will resolve this somewhere in the middle, near to the result they should have been able to negotiate. By then the technology will have evolved into something different, and both will be producing other devices that look different and use different technology so the result will be moot anyway.

    They should have negotiated a resolution. See the recent deal between MS and Apple. In situations like this that’s the only way either side can win.


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  • Posted: 31 December 2012 04:54 AM #7

      Apple would have to win , i guess. But then , with different verdicts in different parts of the world, i believe they would have to go for compromise.