Ode to Long Term Trading (is this now an oxymoron?)

  • Posted: 10 September 2012 10:24 PM

    Look, people, you simply cannot be bummed out by what aapl did today.

    Yes, the stock went down and the options even more so, but BOTH are WAY up what they were a month ago.

    This is short-term traders taking a profit. Who knows if they are right? Maybe yes, maybe no.

    For long-term investors, it is what you expect. Have you not seen this with aapl before - say twenty or fifty times before?

    Moral: well, there used to be a moral here, but then I remembered a friend of mine who absolutely refused to let her child read any story or book with a moral to it. She had a point so, sorry, there is now no moral. Did you really want to hear a moral anyway?

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    Posted: 10 September 2012 10:57 PM #1

    Our strategy is the long term view.    The buy-and-forget method is not in my repertoire anymore.

    Yep, we’ve seen the drops before.  (I think this is the 2nd time this quarter.)  That’s why the majority of active investment is in LEAPS as compared to nearer calls, to ride out the drops.  I do have a spread and cash reserve.


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    Posted: 10 September 2012 11:03 PM #2


    I’m a multi-timeframe trader-investor.

    Shorter-term options, because I don’t know any better, and maybe because I think it’s “fun”?

    Longer-term LEAPs/LEAP BCSes that I trade in and out of, which are largely based on fundamental analysis.

    Core common, which helped me recover from the most recent dip in 2007-08 or so.

    You can be an active trader and still be multi-disciplinary with the same stock.


    The Summer of AAPL is here.  Enjoy it (responsibly) while it lasts.
    AFB Night Owl Teamâ„¢
    Thanks, Steve.

  • Posted: 13 September 2012 12:35 PM #3

    Personally I don’t like the Lightning adapter, everything else seems great though.  What does the Lightning adapter do that the industry standard Micro USB couldn’t do?  And yes, buying a converter for every device will suck, no one wants to carry a converter around with them everywhere.  For example, my car stereo has an iPhone/iPod connector, as does my home stereo.  Now I need to waste $100 on conversion kits just to make it work? 

    That’s my only complaint with the new iPhone, I realize it’s time to change the connector, but why not an industry standard??