Apple deal with China Mobile

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    Apple Introduces China Installment Payments Until January 23:
    Apple announced on its China website that on-line purchases of more than 300 Yuan (about $48) could be paid for on an installment plan.  Apple has partnered with China Merchant Bank to offer customers the option of paying over 3, 6, 12, 18 or 24 months.  There are no interest charges for the 3, 6 and 12 months options, a rate of 6.5% for the 18 months option and 8.5% for the 24 months option.

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    Apple is reiterated a Buy with $760 price target at Goldman which says the company’s opportunity in emerging markets is far greater than what investors give it credit for.
    A survey of Chinese owners of an iDevice finds 9 out of 10 at least “likely” to stick with an Apple product for their next purchase, and more than 3 of 5 “highly likely” to do so.
    3G penetration in China stands at only about 20% currently.
    Considering the huge 2G subscriber base that the Chinese carriers are looking to upgrade to 3G, the potential for Apple to ride the boom is huge.
    This was borne out by the opening weekend sales for the iPhone 5 in China last month, which crossed the 2 million mark and made it Apple’s best ever launch in the country.

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    iLounge claims Apple is planning to launch an iPhone 5S sporting an improved camera this summer, and is developing a cheaper, plastic-bodied iPhone “with China Mobile in mind.”
    An iPhone with a 4.7” display is said to be in “early prototyping stages.”
    In any case: AAPL@440 is crazy cheap.

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    Low-Cost TD-LTE Smartphones and iPhone 6:
    China Mobile will announce a low cost TD-LTE smartphone in 2015 while the company is working on a global roaming plan for smartphones with TD-LTE and FDD-LTE support. The company expects TD-LTE coverage to reach 30%-35% on the Chinese mainland in 2013. Apple Inc. (AAPL) is rumored to be working on a new iPhone 6 that will work China Mobile. Despite a different 4G network standard, it will not be difficult for Apple to create an iPhone that works with China Mobile as Apple had made the iPhone for Verizon in the past and updated iPads and iPhone5 devices can work with a wider band-range of 4G for European service providers.

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    Today, India’s business newspaper Economic Times reported (citing unpublished IDC figures) that Apple’s smartphone market share, in terms of value, has surged by more than 300% in the last quarter (4Q12) and the company has become the 2nd largest smartphone player.
    Apple has leapfrogged companies such as Nokia (NOK), Sony (SNE) and Micromax
    India remains Apple’s biggest potential growth market along with China.
    Apple’s sales in “Greater China” increased by 67% year on year in the last quarter to $6.8 billion. While India’s size is still quite small, the recent surge promises that India will become Apple’s main growth engine in the coming years.

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    Here come Chinese smartphones costing over $500:

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    Greater China and Japan are currently Apple’s fastest growing and most profitable regions on a per revenue dollar basis. The eventual additions of China Mobile and Japan’s Docomo as authorized iPhone carriers will spur growth in each of the two revenue regions, from article by Eventide on Seeking Alpha:

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    China Mobile (the world’s largest carrier) forecasts a 49% Y/Y increase in capex in 2013

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    Update from Zacks site:

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    really great article

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    Does China wants to eat Apple?

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    Brian White cites Chinese 3G growth as a reason for his AAPL@ $888 PT:
    he points out China’s 3G sub base rose 83% Y/Y in April to 293.1M, and is expected to hit 375M-400M by year’s end.
    China Mobile (CHL - previous) had 120M 3G subs;
    China Unicom (CHU) had 92M, and
    China Telecom (CHA) 81M.

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    Posted: 02 July 2013 08:28 AM #43

    Rolfe Winkler thoughts on iPhone at China Mobile published on WSJ

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    Apple CEO Tim Cook met China Mobile (CHL) Chairman Xi Guohua in Beijing yesterday to discuss cooperation, the Chinese carrier has said, although it didn’t elaborate.
    China Mobile is the only operator in the country that doesn’t have a deal with Apple to sell iPhones and iPads.
    The issue may have become more urgent for the U.S. company, whose sales in Greater China slumped 43% on quarter in FQ3.

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    I thought you might find this Market Current on Seeking Alpha interesting:
    5:26 AM Thursday, August 15 2013

    China Mobile’s (CHL) negotiations with Apple (AAPL) over a deal for the Chinese company to sell iPhones and iPads have been progressing well and both companies are optimistic about coming to an agreement, China Mobile Chairman Xi Guohua has said.
    “Both sides sounded keen,” Xi said after the company unveiled H1 results. China Mobile is the only operator in the country that doesn’t have a deal with Apple to sell its devices.
    With Apple’s sales in Greater China slumping 43% in FQ3, pressure growing about the lack of innovation, and Carl Icahn agitating for an immediate stock buyback, a deal with China Mobile would probably provide a welcome boost to Apple.